Manpuku Ramen – Sydney

Finally during my 6 months stay in Australia i found ramen house! It’s hard to find one in Wollongong, since it’s only suburb area, unlike in Sydney where people from multicultural gather as one. I knewthis place when we passed it through back from Shalom. Then i browsed on Zomato about this place. 

Manpuku located on 482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford. Same location with Shalom. Its place not really big, and not so Japanese, but it’s quite neat with open kitchen. 

Since i’ve been craving for ramen so i ordered Long Name Ramen ($14.50) with extra spicy bomb ($1). It has literally long name, if you wanna know just check zomato and look menu no.7 😂 We could choose its broth whether with chook based or tonkotsu (pork) based. I chose tonkotsu which i didnt dissapoint with that, cause the broth is very rich and thick like the one i ever had in Kyoto. But a bit dissapointed with my extra spicy bomb which a dollop of chilli paste which for my taste it’s not spicy at all 😔

As my hubby didnt familiar with Japanese ramen, so he let me to choose for him. I ordered him a Karaage Curry ($14.90). We could requested mild if dont like spicy food. It came in big portion and the curry quite good. 

All include one coke and one green tea can is $36. They only serve hot ocha and it’s not free like in Indonesia or Japan, they charge $2.50 (refillable). If you want save budget they provide self-service free refill water. Ciao! 



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