Aqua S – Sydney 

Actually i’m not really curious about this place even i bookmarked it on Zomato. Then last Saturday i had errand to be done on Pitt St, so i decided to pay this place a visit since the distance not really far. Aqua S is located in Shop 27, Regent Place Arcade,  George Street, Sydney. It’s located just across Chanoma Cafe which currenly also very popular with matcha dessert. 

I just tried their signature ice cream, Sea Salt ice cream with fairy floss cost me $5.50, very cheap. Never had sea salt ice cream before, it tasted a lil bit funny, between sweet and salty but it’s very creamy like Maccas ice cream. 

If you’re around just try it! Ciao! 

Cuppa Flower – Sydney

Seen my Sydney fellow foodie’s instagram about this place cause they have signature totoro cake. Honestly i didnt have idea what totoro is (never heard and never knew) but this creature is really cute. So after had breakky on Cuckoo Callay i went here, Cuppa Flower is located in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, Sydney. 

As its name Cuppa Flower, this cafe has garden theme, flower, green plants everywhere with modern touch either. If you visit on weekend (dont know if on weekdays is same), dont forget to write down your name on waiting list cause they will count you take away if you dont get table like my experience. I dont know about the system, cause none tell me at first place, so after long queue, the guy on cashier says i just can take away my order cause i dont have table 😤

Unfortunately when i was there the totoro cake was sold out, so i just bought the swiss-roll version of totoro cake. Still cuteness overload tho. It cost me $4.5 each and available on 2 flavors; green tea and taro. 

For additional i ordered chia seed pudding (forgot its price), this my first time had chia seed pudding i thought it gonna be like jelly but it’s not, it was like overnight oat lol but no worries cause i like it. 

And for drink, i ordered green tea latte (forgot its price), it’s taste good. Green tea flavor not really bold but still could taste its flavor. And not too sweet either. 


KOI Dessert Bar – Sydney

After got lunch from Spice Alley, me and my friend went to KOI Dessert Bar which the location only walking distance. So, Spice Alley, KOI and Concrete Jungle basically is on same area. 

I interested with this dessert bar cause this cafe is owned by Indonesian born Australia chef, Reynold Poernomo who also Australian Masterchef finalist, and also Indonesian Masterchef’s judge and celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo’s brother. The cafe itself has modern and sleek design like any other hippiest cafe in town. 

They served plating dessert (a la carte or dessert set menu) and individual dessert (cake slice etc). I was interested with their plating dessert but unfortunately it only available after 6pm while when i was there it only 4pm. So me and my friend decide to have individual dessert. 

First dessert was Pannacota ($12) i like it, it’s a bit tangy and not too sweet, assorted fruits as topping make it more freshen. 

Second dessert was Moss ($15) it’s jar version of same plating dessert i’d like to order but they said it only available after 6pm 😅 it’s like a mousse on top of green tea biscuit crumbled and layered again with same biscuit. It’s very creamy and less sweet. We both love it. 

Third was something chocolaty dessert ($9) it’s chocolate cake with cream and coated with chocolate melted. I like it too because not too sweet and dark chocolate is very rich and bold. 

Still curious about their plating dessert but i’m not sure will come back. 

Haven – Sydney 

Another Surry Hills most instagrammed cafe to try, yep i’m speaking about Haven. I knew this place also from my fellow Sydney foodies instagram. This place just situated on 30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills. A block away from Devon Cafe. It exactly located across the South Concord exit of Central station. 

I came around 8am and the place not really packed only some tables occupied, mostly they grab n go the coffee. Right after when i sat down, the waiter (who his face like Japanese) gave me a bottle of mineral water with…wait whats that the black stuff on the bottle. Oh okay so it’s alkaline water, and the black stuff is white charcoal from Wakayama Japan so it’ll purified the water. They even sell it separately if you want to take home. 

For breakfast cause i was so curious with their hongkong waffle so go for it. Actually i’ve ever been tasted original Hongkong egg waffle on its country, but Haven bring this street food to the next level, with pretty presentation and creativity.  My order, The Last Bit of Summer ($16.50) is very good, i liked how they combine egg waffles and all the elements on the plate. Sweet, sour, bitter from dark choco all went well. 

For drink i go for tea, cause i wasnt in the mood for coffee. They have various tea mocktail, i was ordered Dragon Breath ($9) it’s green tea with apple. Its taste very refreshing and light. 

Still curious about their kimchi egg waffle probably will try next time. Ciao!

Tea Cosy – Sydney

A week ago me and hubby had weekend day out to explore The Rock in Sydney. The Rock is kinda of old town which surrounded by vintage building and if i’m not wrong some providers have ghost tour every night, i’d like to try next time lol 😝

After sight seeing around, taking picture this and that, we paid a visit to one of popular tea room which famous with its scones. Scone is one of Australian traditional cake, adopted Scotland recipe, and usually served on high tea ceremony. Scone best served with jam and cream. 

Entering Tea Cosy just like visit your grandma’s house. Fyi, this cafe take place in one of heritage building which preserved by Australia Government. Plenty black and white photographs, and the ambience just like in granny’s. 

Cause i want to try their scones so I ordered Devonshire Tea Set ($14) cause it’s already include tea, scones, 1 selected jam and cream. It’s actually for one person but you can share with your partner if you want. For the tea i chose Strawberry&Cream, and Ginger Fig for the jam. I must admit, their scones are one of the best i’ve ever tried so far. It’s crunchy yet softy at the same time, and not crumbling, the jam and cream complete each other. Beautiful dish. 

Highly recommended! 

Devon Cafe Surry Hills – Sydney

Knew this gem from one of fellow Sydney foodies in Instagram, i was interested cause Devon has western with Japanese twist menu. Actually they have 2 branches, Surry Hills is the headquarter, and the other one is on Barangaroo. Because i already had heavy meals before so i just ordered their dessert and coffee. For Surry Hills branch, the cafe situated on 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney. If you came from Central, just take shortcut on South Concord Exit then across the street. Easier if you came here by foot or public transportation cause no parking space since there’s government project and they blocked the road. 

And this what i ordered, Devon Matcha Cake ($17). So this is basically a green tea mousse on top of green tea cookies based, with green tea crumbled, green tea sauce and berries. Presentation is very pretty, they also put some edible flowers. Overall, taste so good. I’m a big fan of anything matcha. Sometime matcha dessert like this whether too sweet or too bitter, not balance at all. But this dessert is amazing, i could taste the matcha and the sweetness without feeling worry will get diabetics lol 

For the coffee, i was ordered standard Cappuccino ($4) for myself who not really expert in coffee, coffee was good, very strong, if you dont like bitter coffee maybe you should order flatwhite or anything milky. 

Definitely be back, still curious about another menu. Ciao!

Il Locale Gelato – Berry

To end our culinary trip on Berry, we had Il Locale Gelato as dessert. Actually there are 2 gelato shops on same street, and both is popular. It depends on your preference. I prefer Il Locale cause the place is cuter (you know i’m weak with this lol )

Il Locale Gelato located in 114 Queen St, Berry, NSW. They offer many varieties of gelato and sorbet. You can combine both in one cone or cup. I had ginger short bread gelato and cherry sorbet for $6.50. Standard price for gelato. I’d prefer the cherry sorbet rather than the gelato, or maybe i just picked wrong flavor. Ciao!