Nemu tempat ini gak sengaja gegara nemenin temen makan di Warung Made yang di Kuta. Kesini karena waktu itu udaranya lagi panas banget, kayaknya enak aja makan yang adem-adem. Lokasinya Icelab ada di Jl. Pantai Kuta No.36, kalau dari Warung Made terus aja kurang lebih 300m kearah pantai. 

Tempatnya sih kecil aja, dan gak terlalu ramai seperti Gusto. Yang bikin menarik display es krimnya ditaruh di seperti freezer yang berbentuk bulat dan berputar-putar. Flavor yang dijual sih standar aja, ada gelato dan sorbet. 

Saya memesan yang 3 flavor yang kebetulan lagi happy hour jadi dari harga 65k saya cukup membayar 50k aja, entah karena pada saat saya kesana lagi bulan puasa atau tiap hari emang ada promo happy hour. Saya memilih yang rasa salted caramel, rum raisin dan mango sorbet. Dari segi rasa sih so-so aja, salted caramelnya gak terasa ada “salted”nya alias cuma manis doang, rum raisinya agak lumayan sih ada kerasa sedikit rumnya, mango sorbetnya mengecewakan – yang saya tau mango sorbet itu cuma juice buah yang dibikin icy gitu kan jadi rasanya seger, sedangkan ini rasanya sedikit creamy. 

Kalau lagi ada di sekitaran Kuta dan pengen yang dingin-dingin boleh ceki2 tempat ini. Tapi dibanding competitornya sih ya agak jauh ya rasanya. 

La Floraison – Sydney 

I knew this place from my fellow foodies Instagram and interested cause they have customized printed coffee. Like its name, La Floraison, this cute cafe also has flowers concept. Flowers are everywhere even on the ceiling. It’s so girly. This place is situated also on Regent Place Arcade, Level 9. You can take lift up here. 

Aside offer printed coffee they also sell any kind of 3D art jelly. I tried one, it cost me $10. I know it’s expensive for a small jelly like this, but maybe the making process isnt simple as we thought. The jelly taste so good, not only sweet, i could taste like sweet coconut milk on it. Better than the raindrop pudding lol

And also I ordered customized printed coffee for $5, i request name “gadis rakus” as my blog and instagram name. Firstly i was afraid the word is too long and not fit in, then i asked the barista to make it 2 rows. Then, this is it! 

I dont know they sell another food or dessert or not, cause from the first time i came here i just focus to the printed coffee and 3D art jelly. Ciao! 

Chanoma Cafe – Sydney 

Not hard to find Japanese dessert in Sydney, one of them is Chanoma Cafe which placed in Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney right across to Aqua S i reviewed before. This place not only sell matcha dessert (even most of guests order that) but also Japanese comfort food like japadog or ramen. Unfortunately i came there with full stomach after got dinner in Kusuka, so just ordered for dessert. 

This was Matcha Parfait Deluxe ($11) they have varities of matcha and hojicha parfait. I chose this cause the topping so merrier. It has assorted fruits too on the bottom then layered with matcha ice cream, corn flakes, and topped with fresh strawberries, cream, ice cream cone, mochi and chocolate stick. It so fulfilling even just a dessert. Be ready for the queue especially on weekend, i dont know why this place so popular lol ciao! 

I-Creamy Gelato – Sydney 

I got tagged by my friend in Instagram about this place, it’s actually only gelato but shaped like flower. You could choose 1,2 or 3 flavors at one cone. 

I-Creamy Gelato is placed in Skyview Plaza, George Street, Sydney CBD. Unfortunately you cant pick all gelato they have for flower gelato, only some gelatos with signage above. 

I picked 2 flavors for $6.9, quite cheap, one bubble gum and the other one is sesame. Bubble gum taste so average, it only sweet, even too sweet. While sesame is balance it, i do more like sesame than bubble gum. Ciao! 

Dessert Kitchen – Sydney

Been interested with this place long time ago after I passed it down after had dinner in Wagaya which located just next to Dessert Kitchen. But i rarely has errands around, so last week when i should met my friend in Market City i decided to come here. 

Dessert Kitchen is typical Taiwanese dessert cafe, but they have special drink which is hot chocolate with cat/bear s’more that you can put on top so it gonna be like 3D latte (but it’s not), and it’s so cute and very instagram material. Thats the reason why i came here for 😁

But unfortunately for this drink i should wait almost 30 mins, their reason hot chocolate was sold out and they should make it again 😅 i think everyone can make hot chocolate, even in Max Brenner you dont need to wait an half hour just for it. Anyway this chocolate cost me $6.50. 

And for dessert i just ordered Raindrop Pudding ($8), been curious about this dessert. Buf for my liking i dont like it, it taste sooo average. Raindrop pudding basically just transparent jelly without any essence or flavor, just sweet. And it used to serve with assorted topping. Not my cup of tea. Sorry 😐 


Aqua S – Sydney 

Actually i’m not really curious about this place even i bookmarked it on Zomato. Then last Saturday i had errand to be done on Pitt St, so i decided to pay this place a visit since the distance not really far. Aqua S is located in Shop 27, Regent Place Arcade,  George Street, Sydney. It’s located just across Chanoma Cafe which currenly also very popular with matcha dessert. 

I just tried their signature ice cream, Sea Salt ice cream with fairy floss cost me $5.50, very cheap. Never had sea salt ice cream before, it tasted a lil bit funny, between sweet and salty but it’s very creamy like Maccas ice cream. 

If you’re around just try it! Ciao! 

Cuppa Flower – Sydney

Seen my Sydney fellow foodie’s instagram about this place cause they have signature totoro cake. Honestly i didnt have idea what totoro is (never heard and never knew) but this creature is really cute. So after had breakky on Cuckoo Callay i went here, Cuppa Flower is located in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, Sydney. 

As its name Cuppa Flower, this cafe has garden theme, flower, green plants everywhere with modern touch either. If you visit on weekend (dont know if on weekdays is same), dont forget to write down your name on waiting list cause they will count you take away if you dont get table like my experience. I dont know about the system, cause none tell me at first place, so after long queue, the guy on cashier says i just can take away my order cause i dont have table 😤

Unfortunately when i was there the totoro cake was sold out, so i just bought the swiss-roll version of totoro cake. Still cuteness overload tho. It cost me $4.5 each and available on 2 flavors; green tea and taro. 

For additional i ordered chia seed pudding (forgot its price), this my first time had chia seed pudding i thought it gonna be like jelly but it’s not, it was like overnight oat lol but no worries cause i like it. 

And for drink, i ordered green tea latte (forgot its price), it’s taste good. Green tea flavor not really bold but still could taste its flavor. And not too sweet either.