Chong Co Thai – ShellharbourΒ 

Last review comes from Chong Co Thai which located in Stockland Shellharbour, NSW. I came here for lunch with husband. The restaurant quite fancy and have spacious dining area but it was empty when we were there, and the price is wise not really expensive. I figured it out later why it’s empty.

When we came, the girl (without glasses and has long hair) who was the wait staff was very unfriendly, i didnt know what’s wrong with her maybe just not in the mood or shes hungry, served us without smile and look lazy. Maybe thats why the resto is empty. Nowadays in hospitality business, fancy resto with good food is not enough πŸ˜” Business owner should training their employees how to greet and serve customer well. 

Back to our food, we ordered Nest Crab and Prawns Springrolls ($10.90) for entree. Nest springrolls look like the one we had in Kinn Thai Wollongong. It came 5pcs. 

Then for mains, I ordered Seafood Tom Yum ($10.90) with rice ($3), it came in small portion cause it used to eat as entry. But i was craved for spicy food that time while on mains menu there’s no spicy food i want. Tom Yum tasted good, the broth was very thick, and i could taste all the spices they use (they not used tom yum paste, but spices/herbs like lemongrass, chilli paste and keffir leaves) which is good, and it contains mushroom and prawns. 

My husband ordered Beef with Black Bean Sauce ($17.90) with rice ($3), he said the food was a bit salty, that’s because they put too much oyster sauce. He even couldnt finish them all. 

Food not bad, price wise, good place to eat, but not the waitress. She should have got training how to handle customers even when in not in the mood, cause they sell service imho ciao! 

Spice Alley – Sydney

Two weeks ago i met my ex college friend who been living here for 7 years, we used to meet when she’s not busy. She recommend me this place which situated in Kensington street, Chippendale, Sydney (just across the Concrete Jungle i’ve reviewed before). So Spice Alley is basically like a foodcourt but the stalls mostly sell out Asian street food. It has wide varieties of food, from Melayu/Peranakan to Korean food, from Thai food to Japanese food. Even it’s not really authentic anyway, but it’s best place if you craving some Asian food but cant decide where to go. 

Cause we gonna try another place, so me and my friend just order lunch from Alex Kitchen. They sells peranakan food ( Malaysia/Singapore dishes). I was ordered Nasi Rendang ($14) for that price beef rendang is given generously. Beef is succulent and chewyable. Even they cooked rendang in Malaysian style (Indonesia has similar rendang but the spices are different), but it has strong flavor and very delish. 

While my friend was ordered Roti Canai ($7) it’s Indian bread served with curry. She actually also ordered fried kwetiao from stall next door but i forgot to take picture. 

Next time i’m gonna re-visit and explore other stalls. Ciao! 

Thanon Khaosan – Sydney

Curious about this place cause saw it on my friend’s instagram. So after had breaky in Haven, i went here for lunch πŸ˜‚ Thanon Khaosan is located in the middle hustle bustle Sydney CBD, which in 413 Pitt Street, Chinatown, Sydney. Actually i was interested about this place cause they have dessert stall in front of their resto with wide selection of Thai dessert and snack. But cause i was came too early so everything wasnt ready, dissapointed. 

But show must go on, so i decided to have lunch here. I ordered Pad Thai ($11.90) and Fish Cake ($8). Before, i always got disappointment when order Pad Thai here, cause mostly they already modified the recipe to adjust local taste since caucasians cant take spicy food so they made it sweet all the way. But here is different, the Pad Thai is one of the best i’ve tried during my stay in Australia almost 1 year. It’s very authentic, you could taste complex yet balance Pad Thai should be like. Request extra spicy, and it really kicked. 

For fish cake, nothing special like any other fish cake. But it’s ok lah for appetizer. 

I shall return to this place for dessert stall. Ciao! 

Warung SiamΒ 

Sebenernya Gadisrakus tau tempat ini karena waktu nyobain coffee shopnya kembaran saya si Raisa yang ada di sebelahnya, Titik Temu. Tapi karena waktu itu udah kenyang, jadi saya cuma ngopi aja. Terus kemarin kepikiran pengen makan di sini abis dari Motel Mexicola mumpung satu area ya kan. Katanya sih Warung Siam ini juga punya cabang di Ubud. Lokasi pasnya ada di dalem Uma Seminyak (belakangnya Tokyo Skipjack) di Jl. Kayu Cendana No.1. 

Dulu pas saya kesini pas ujan, kalau gak ujan kita bisa duduk di outdoornya pakai bean bags gitu. Lebih asik sih kalo kesininya sore-sore menjelang makan malam. Tapi kalau mau duduk di dalem juga bisa sih. 

Karena saya udah makan di tempat lain plus di Motel Mexicola juga, so saya hanya memesan camilan. Yang pertama pesen Tord Man Pla (35k), yaitu fish cake ala Thai. Pesen ini karena platingnya – namanya juga foodblohher jadi kalo pesen makanan pilih yang platingnya lucu biar insatgram material 😝 jadi fish cake ini disajikan diatas rantang sodara-sodara, kalau dari segi rasa sih biasa aja cenderung mirip sate lilit kalau saya bilang cuma beda bentuk aja.

Terus saya juga pesen Tom Yam (Prawns) 50k, yang menurut saya kemahalan karena porsinya sedikit banget, udangnya cuma 2 biji sisanya jamur dan itupun gak banyak, udangnya kurang fresh dan masaknya overcooked jadi lembek dan gak kenyal, padahal bumbu tom yamnya menurut saya lumayan enak dan berani bumbu πŸ˜” 

Total kerusakan termasuk Thai Lemon Tea (35k) dan pajak 15% adalah 127k. Overall menurut saya pelayanannya cukup nice, cuma mereka kurang dibekali product knowledge dan bahasa Inggris aja kali ya. Takut salah persepsi kalau dapet tamu bule. Masa ogut nanya tom yum seafood isinya apa aja, dia bilangnya “udang mbak” saya tanya mastiin lagi “udang doang?” Dia bilang “iya udang aja” terus saya tanya lagi “terus apa bedanya tom yum prawns ama tom yum seafood kalo isinya sama udang2 doang, padahal harganya beda lho mba” terus mbanya gelagepan jawabnya. Terus ogut nanya lagi apa mereka ada infuse water dengan lemon, dibilangnya “ada mba, itu yang lemongrass” hah? Dia tau bedanya gak sih lemon dan lemongrass? πŸ™„ monmaap kalo rada julid, cuma sebagai customer we just wanna know what we pay ya gak sih? Ya gitu aja sih masukannya itupun kalo ada orang manajemennya yang baca postingan ini. Ciao! 

Thai Corner

Huhuyy! Gadisrakus udah di Bali aja nih, seperti biasa karena pernah tinggal disini dan udah eksplor semua tempat wisata, jadi ya kalau kesini agendanya paling makan. Nah sekarang saya mau ulas salahsatu resto Thailand yang berlokasi pas di seberangnya M Boutique Hostel tempat saya nginep, tepatnya beralamat di Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak namanya Thai Corner. 

Yang dijual sih ya masakan Thai semua tapi dengan harga yang lebih affordable untuk ukuran Seminyak. Tapi gak tau karena pengaruh harga atau bukan, porsinya juga petite hiks hiks..jadi kalau kesini at least pesen 2 menu (plus nasi 😁). Jadi ini yang kemarin saya cobain..

Yang pertama pesen Tom Yum Goong (55k), isinya king prawn (?) sama jamur. Saya request minta agak pedas. Sebenernya tom yumnya enak sih menurut saya, rasanya pas antara kecut pedes dan sedikit manis gurih, cuma isinya dikit banget πŸ˜… udangnya cuma 3 biji, sisanya jamur dan itupun gak banyak. Untuk harga yang sama kayaknya mending makan tempat lain deh. 

Yan kedua pesan Kana Moo Crob (55k) tumis kailan dengan crispy pork belly. Ini juga enak, dimasak pakai bumbu simpel bawang dan saus tiram, crispy pork belly-nya juga walau dicampur ke tumis kailannya yang berkuah masih tetep crispy gak soggy. Cuma ya gitu deh porsinya dikit amatan hiks..

Lumayan buat alternatif makan kalau kantong lagi cekak tapi pengen makan di sekitaran Seminyak. Ciao!

Kinn Thai – Wollongong

Hi i’m back! Now i kindly review about another Thai resto in Wollongong, Kinn Thai which situated in Wollongong Mall (next to Sushi Bay), it would be easier if you reach this place from Keira street rather than from inside the mall since their entrance door just next Wollongong bus stop. 

I was here for anniversary dinner. The place a bit fancy but you can dress up casually, reservation is needed cause this place always packed. Lucky us, we had table easily cause we came before dinner time around 5pm. It also licensed restaurant, means they sell any kind of liquors and wine legally. 

First, we ordered Crab Springrolls ($7) for appetizer. I must admit it’s the best Thai/Vietnam springrolls i’ve ever had so far, i liked the crunchiness cause it’s different than any other springrolls which made from supermarket-stuff springroll sheets, it’s like they made it from scratch. With lots of savory crab chunks filling, it really match with the sticky sweet&sour sauce they put on the plate. We even order this dish twice 😝

For main course, we ordered 2 bowl of rice ($3 each), Sizzling Beef ($23) and 3 Flavours Barramundi ($25) to share. Sizzling beef is okay, i liked it cause it’s a bit spicy with a bunch of bell peppers and chilli. Beef cooked well. 

3 Flavours barramundi more like sweet and sour fish for me. I expected it would be 3 flavours literally πŸ˜” but it’s okay, the its taste still acceptable and big portion tho. 

Total cost including 1 bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water ($7.5) and 1 glass of Rose Wine ($7.5) about $83. A bit expensive but their food is superb.

Fat Chow

Berkunjung kesini karena penasaran abis liat blognya blogger kondang se-Endonesa yang review pesen Nasi Hainam terus foodstylingnya lucu pakai rantang gitu. Tapi pas kemarin saya kesana ternyata menu tsb udah di take out, ribet kali ye nyuci rantangnya πŸ˜‚ Cari alamatnya di Zomato ternyata gak terlalu jauh dari hotel, walking distance banget lah, tepatnya di Jl. Poppies 2 no.7C, Kuta. Kalau dari Legian bisa diakses lewat Poppies 2 (patokannya ada club Sky Garden) jalan kurang lebih 1-2 km, kalau mau lebih dekat bisa juga dari arah Pantai Kuta (belokannya sebelum Beachwalk). Jalanannya bisa diakses mobil tapi gak bisa parkir karena sempit banget, jadi ya better jalan kaki atau naik motor aja. 

Yang saya suka dari Fat Chow ini dibanding resto2 lain di daerah Kuta-Legian khususnya, lebih terkonsep dari segi interior maupun menunya. Di sini menunya all about Asian Food; cina, thailand, dan vietnam, which good soalnya kalo menu terlalu luas jadi bingung milihnya dan biasanya makanannya juga jadi ga enak2 banget. 

Sebagai starter saya memesan Pork on Fire (45k), namanya juga starter so porsinya juga kecil. Ini enak banget! Buat yg non-muslim kayaknya harus pesan ini, must try! Dagingnya empuk banget, dibumbuin seperti dendeng tapi gak manis lebih kearah pedas dengan rasa ketumbar yang kuat. Tenang pedasnya gak yang ganggu banget kok, cukup bisa dinikmati. 

Buat mains-nya sama memesan Mama’s Chicken Noodle (67k) yang surprisingly juga enak. Bakmi ayamnya gagrak chinese, kalau pernah makan bakmi di daerah Kota dsb ya kayak gitu. Mi-nya direbus aldente jadi masih kenyal, dengan topping ayam jamur, telur puyuh, daun salada dan pangsit, masih ditambah semangkuk kecil air kaldu dan pangsit isi ayam. 

Total termasuk teh hangat ($15) dan pajak saya menghabiskan 146k, mahal emang namanya juga daerah turis huhuhuu..tempat ini kayaknya populer di kalangan turis asing terbukti kemarin mungkin saya satu-satunya yang orang Indonesia. Yang mau cari jodoh mungkin bisa kesini πŸ˜‚ cuma kadang sedikit diskriminatif, kayak saya kemarin datang duluan dapet waiting list bule yang datang belakangan malah dapat tempat duduk duluan. Siap sabar karena resto ini selalu penuh bahkan sebelum jam makan, kayak saya kemarin datang jam 5.30 udah ngantri.