Cafe Kentaro – Sydney 

Apparently western cafe with Japanese twist is a trend lately, one of them is Cafe Kentaro which located in 616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. It’s not in main road, and situated among housing, but it’s very famous and crowded, when i was there i should sharing my table with other patrons. 

First order was Matcha French Toast ($16) cause i tempted with its plating 😝 it consist of 3 chuncks of matcha brioche with matcha sauce, matcha cream, berries and caramel almonds crumble. Taste nice, but my opinion they better served the toast with matcha ice cream rather than matcha whipped cream. 

Second order was Matcha Cream Puff ($6.50) it’s expensive for a small choux with big dollop of matcha cream. Choux skin also a bit hard and dry not softy like fresh choux skin. 

For drink i was order Hojicha Tea ($4.20) actually i was order for green tea latte but the waitress took wrong order. And i didnt notice until i paid the bill, cause yeah the taste not significantly different with green tea latte. Lol 

12-Micron – Sydney 

Last but not least restaurant i tried this week is 12-Micron, located in Level 2, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, this resto exactly located behind PwC building. They got clear signage, dont worry you wont be lost. 

I think this resto is like any other casual cafe or resto in Barangaroo area, but i might be wrong. It’s a high class/fine dining restaurant, everyone came here very dress up and well-groomed except me lol. But what i like about this resto they dont discriminate, their service was excellent. Price dont lie lol 

Actually i came here for dessert, but i dont know why i feel like hypnotized, so i ordered main course, duck with beetroot, macadamia and alpine peppers ($38). Probably this resto only suit for Australian not me, cause i dont like the duck. It cooked medium well (you can see the meat still red) and no seasoning, so it’s plain. One and only can help only the demi-glace, and the beetroot ugh! I dont know why some people really like beetroot, it taste like soil *oops sorry*. If you Australian or Caucasian maybe you gonna like this food, but sorry my Asian tongue much prefer food with bold seasoning. 

For dessert I ordered Cherry Blossom ($17), it contained cake, miso caramel, cherry and chocolate. Pretty presentation and taste good, liked the combination of its texture and overall taste. 


Cuckoo Callay – Sydney 

Went here cause interested with their pork theme menu, Cuckoo Callay is located in Newton Station (just across station exit). Apparently this cafe is really happening right now, be ready for long queue especially on weekend. 

I liked how they arranged the interior, it’s very trendy and artsy. You can have dine in whether indoor or outdoor. 

Cause i came on brunch time so i decided to order Silent of the Ham ($20) it was a camembert and ham croquette, with avocado paste, 63 degrees boiled egg and crunchy maple bacon. I liked the combination between soft and crunch texture, also sweet from maple bacon and salty from the croquette. It’s really satisfied.

Fyi, after do any payment please check your receipt cause i got additional $19 for something i didnt order. Ciao!

Concrete Jungle – Sydney

Tried new breakfast joint in Chippendale, Sydney two weeks ago. Honestly i came here cause interested with its pretty plating after seen it in my fellow foodie’s instagram. The area a bit confused me cause i’m not familiar with Chippendale area, location itself is on 58 Kensington street, Chippendale, easier if you reach this place from Central Park cause only blocks away. And it’s exactly across to KOI Dessert Bar/Spice Alley. 

The dining area itself not really big with modern and sleek interior, you can choose whethere have it in indoor or outdoor. 

Cause i came in the morning (just right after they opened the cafe lol) so i order light meals for brekky, it’s Blue Mejyk ($17.50) a bowl of banana smoothie with blueberry and granola. Its plating is very instagram material, if you’re instagram freak like me you’d be like it. Overall taste is good, it served cold, unfortunately granola not really crunchy. But still enjoyable. 


Haven – Sydney 

Another Surry Hills most instagrammed cafe to try, yep i’m speaking about Haven. I knew this place also from my fellow Sydney foodies instagram. This place just situated on 30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills. A block away from Devon Cafe. It exactly located across the South Concord exit of Central station. 

I came around 8am and the place not really packed only some tables occupied, mostly they grab n go the coffee. Right after when i sat down, the waiter (who his face like Japanese) gave me a bottle of mineral water with…wait whats that the black stuff on the bottle. Oh okay so it’s alkaline water, and the black stuff is white charcoal from Wakayama Japan so it’ll purified the water. They even sell it separately if you want to take home. 

For breakfast cause i was so curious with their hongkong waffle so go for it. Actually i’ve ever been tasted original Hongkong egg waffle on its country, but Haven bring this street food to the next level, with pretty presentation and creativity.  My order, The Last Bit of Summer ($16.50) is very good, i liked how they combine egg waffles and all the elements on the plate. Sweet, sour, bitter from dark choco all went well. 

For drink i go for tea, cause i wasnt in the mood for coffee. They have various tea mocktail, i was ordered Dragon Breath ($9) it’s green tea with apple. Its taste very refreshing and light. 

Still curious about their kimchi egg waffle probably will try next time. Ciao!

Devon Cafe Surry Hills – Sydney

Knew this gem from one of fellow Sydney foodies in Instagram, i was interested cause Devon has western with Japanese twist menu. Actually they have 2 branches, Surry Hills is the headquarter, and the other one is on Barangaroo. Because i already had heavy meals before so i just ordered their dessert and coffee. For Surry Hills branch, the cafe situated on 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney. If you came from Central, just take shortcut on South Concord Exit then across the street. Easier if you came here by foot or public transportation cause no parking space since there’s government project and they blocked the road. 

And this what i ordered, Devon Matcha Cake ($17). So this is basically a green tea mousse on top of green tea cookies based, with green tea crumbled, green tea sauce and berries. Presentation is very pretty, they also put some edible flowers. Overall, taste so good. I’m a big fan of anything matcha. Sometime matcha dessert like this whether too sweet or too bitter, not balance at all. But this dessert is amazing, i could taste the matcha and the sweetness without feeling worry will get diabetics lol 

For the coffee, i was ordered standard Cappuccino ($4) for myself who not really expert in coffee, coffee was good, very strong, if you dont like bitter coffee maybe you should order flatwhite or anything milky. 

Definitely be back, still curious about another menu. Ciao!

Milk The Cow – Melbourne

Well-known as wine and dairy producers, it’s common plenty restos or cafes in Australia offer wine and cheese tasting experience. Usually cheese and wine (sometime they serve with cured meat either) served as snacking or appetizer only. 

Before we arrived in Melbourne, i already curious with this resto next to my apartment. I never had wine and cheese tasting before so it’s my first experience. This place seem popular cause everyday and night always pack. Likely, wine and cheese is a part of Melbournian’s lifestyle. 

Before we order, usually the waiter/waitress would be given us information about their products, include wine and cheese selection they have. We could order cheese only, or cheese flight (cheese and selected liquor or a la carte menu using dairy products. 

Cause it’s my first experience so we ordered 2 different menu to taste. I got wine flight (small size) consist of 4 assorted cheeses and 4 pairing of wine. It also come with herbs cracker (dont know what its name, but it’s cracker with thyme flavor). I’ll review cheese only from left to right, cause i cant differentiate wine taste lol my bad! Ok, so first is Queso Mahon (strong taste and have bitter after taste), second is Meredith Farm Chevre (it’s like goat cheese, i dont like it cause smell and taste horrible like a goat, i dont eat goat anyway), third is Brillat Savarin (i like it, it’s creamy, a bit milky and not too salty, it’s match with thyme crackers), fourth is BellaVitano Merlot (strong flavor but more like cheddar, i loved this too). 

While hubby had 3 cheese cheesemonger’s choice ($27). It came with quinces paste and assorted bread. Quinces paste is the one like orange brownie marmalade, taste sweet and bit sour. Review will be from left to right, but i’m sorry this time without the name cause i forgot lol. From the left, it’s blue cheese (i like the strongly flavor from the mold, yeah it’s fermented cheese by the way, i even take the rest home lol), next is stinky cheese (its taste really awful and very stinky, we didnt even eat it) and the last one taste like my BellaVitano Merlot. 

All cost include sparkling water cost us $53. Ciao!