Chong Co Thai – Shellharbour 

Last review comes from Chong Co Thai which located in Stockland Shellharbour, NSW. I came here for lunch with husband. The restaurant quite fancy and have spacious dining area but it was empty when we were there, and the price is wise not really expensive. I figured it out later why it’s empty.

When we came, the girl (without glasses and has long hair) who was the wait staff was very unfriendly, i didnt know what’s wrong with her maybe just not in the mood or shes hungry, served us without smile and look lazy. Maybe thats why the resto is empty. Nowadays in hospitality business, fancy resto with good food is not enough 😔 Business owner should training their employees how to greet and serve customer well. 

Back to our food, we ordered Nest Crab and Prawns Springrolls ($10.90) for entree. Nest springrolls look like the one we had in Kinn Thai Wollongong. It came 5pcs. 

Then for mains, I ordered Seafood Tom Yum ($10.90) with rice ($3), it came in small portion cause it used to eat as entry. But i was craved for spicy food that time while on mains menu there’s no spicy food i want. Tom Yum tasted good, the broth was very thick, and i could taste all the spices they use (they not used tom yum paste, but spices/herbs like lemongrass, chilli paste and keffir leaves) which is good, and it contains mushroom and prawns. 

My husband ordered Beef with Black Bean Sauce ($17.90) with rice ($3), he said the food was a bit salty, that’s because they put too much oyster sauce. He even couldnt finish them all. 

Food not bad, price wise, good place to eat, but not the waitress. She should have got training how to handle customers even when in not in the mood, cause they sell service imho ciao! 


La Floraison – Sydney 

I knew this place from my fellow foodies Instagram and interested cause they have customized printed coffee. Like its name, La Floraison, this cute cafe also has flowers concept. Flowers are everywhere even on the ceiling. It’s so girly. This place is situated also on Regent Place Arcade, Level 9. You can take lift up here. 

Aside offer printed coffee they also sell any kind of 3D art jelly. I tried one, it cost me $10. I know it’s expensive for a small jelly like this, but maybe the making process isnt simple as we thought. The jelly taste so good, not only sweet, i could taste like sweet coconut milk on it. Better than the raindrop pudding lol

And also I ordered customized printed coffee for $5, i request name “gadis rakus” as my blog and instagram name. Firstly i was afraid the word is too long and not fit in, then i asked the barista to make it 2 rows. Then, this is it! 

I dont know they sell another food or dessert or not, cause from the first time i came here i just focus to the printed coffee and 3D art jelly. Ciao! 

Chanoma Cafe – Sydney 

Not hard to find Japanese dessert in Sydney, one of them is Chanoma Cafe which placed in Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney right across to Aqua S i reviewed before. This place not only sell matcha dessert (even most of guests order that) but also Japanese comfort food like japadog or ramen. Unfortunately i came there with full stomach after got dinner in Kusuka, so just ordered for dessert. 

This was Matcha Parfait Deluxe ($11) they have varities of matcha and hojicha parfait. I chose this cause the topping so merrier. It has assorted fruits too on the bottom then layered with matcha ice cream, corn flakes, and topped with fresh strawberries, cream, ice cream cone, mochi and chocolate stick. It so fulfilling even just a dessert. Be ready for the queue especially on weekend, i dont know why this place so popular lol ciao! 

I-Creamy Gelato – Sydney 

I got tagged by my friend in Instagram about this place, it’s actually only gelato but shaped like flower. You could choose 1,2 or 3 flavors at one cone. 

I-Creamy Gelato is placed in Skyview Plaza, George Street, Sydney CBD. Unfortunately you cant pick all gelato they have for flower gelato, only some gelatos with signage above. 

I picked 2 flavors for $6.9, quite cheap, one bubble gum and the other one is sesame. Bubble gum taste so average, it only sweet, even too sweet. While sesame is balance it, i do more like sesame than bubble gum. Ciao! 

Chicken Confidential – Sydney 

From White Rabbit i moved to Chicken Confidential which located in Level 1, Chifley Plaza, Sydney CBD. Actually i bought scoopon voucher and i just dont want wasted another money after lost my Los Vidas voucher cause i was too lazy to move my ass out. 

So the rumour was this burger joint is owned by well-known Australian chef Luke Mangan. Even in my country, his fine dine resto is very popular. Nothing fancy about this place compare with other Luke Mangan’s restaurant. It only located in foodcourt with grab n go concept. 

I bought $9 voucher for $14 value, and because their burger price is about $13-$14 so the voucher can be used for burger only. If wanna have add-on (fries and soft drink) just added another $6. I ordered their signature burger which was Gangnam Style Burger, i thought this at least would be like Kim Got Beef i had in Smoking Gun Bagel, but the reality it wasnt. My burger consist of crispy chicken with sweet carrot pickles. I didnt find the ‘gangnam style’ flavor moreover they claimed it has kimchi over the burger. But i couldnt taste it. So for me, it’s failed, sorry 😔

White Rabbit – Sydney 

Second brekky i had in White Rabbit, yes second after got brekky in The Q on Harris 😂 I knew this place from social media moreover their social media specialist oftenly liked my instagram. 

White Rabbit is located in 28-34 O’Connell st, Sydney CBD. It’s located among skycrappers building and lot executives had breakfast there. At first, i felt i was in wrong place, cause only me worn sneakers that time lol 

The dining room quite spacious whether outside or inside, they even have a bar on the middle. Cause i was there still on brunch time so i manage to order brekky menu. Unlike other coffee shop or breakfast place, for me their menu so heavy to be called as breakfast. It’s actually different with what on zomato. 

I ordered pork belly with white beans and chorizo ($18), it served with a toast baguette. It basically white beans cooked in tomato paste which taste a bit sweet, with chorizo and 2 pcs of fried pork belly and 2 pcs poached eggs. IMO, taste is average. Not wowing me at all, something you gonna forget after finish em all. 

For drink i just ordered green tea in small green tea pot. Green tea taste like earl grey, i thought they put wrong tea on it. And the blonde waitress who sent it to my table look careless and put in on my table roughly, maybe cause i was the only who worn sneakers at that place among the executives, who knows. 

I’m not impressed at all. Average food with average service. Even the fine dine 12-Micron waitress and waiters treat me better even i didnt look rich. Ciao! 

The Q on Harris – Sydney 

The hardest part of blogging is against the laziness, but because i had to finish it before going back to write my blog in Indonesian language (cause i’m going back to my country a while – several months – not for good) so i pushed myself to finish it. These are from my last week culinary trip. First review is come from The Q on Harris. Been heard about this place for so long but just had chance to visit it. It’s located in 597 Harris St, Ultimo, across to Powerhouse Museum to be exact. 

I came there for brekky, the place not so pack unlike other coffee shop around. Actually they well-known with their signature matcha cheese cake. But that just because i wasnt in the mood of having sweet tooth, so ordered House Smoked Salmon Tartine ($17). We could chose whether served in Japanese bread or sourdough. Aside salmon and some lettuce, they also served this menu with some oranges and onions. Oranges made it more freshen to balance the salmon. Even i still hungry after had this meals, but I satisfied enough. 

For drink i just ordered Cappucino ($5), nothing to say about the coffee cause i’m not coffee expert. But just like Aussies coffee shop, it’s pretty dense and thick.