Aqua S – Sydney 

Actually i’m not really curious about this place even i bookmarked it on Zomato. Then last Saturday i had errand to be done on Pitt St, so i decided to pay this place a visit since the distance not really far. Aqua S is located in Shop 27, Regent Place Arcade,  George Street, Sydney. It’s located just across Chanoma Cafe which currenly also very popular with matcha dessert. 

I just tried their signature ice cream, Sea Salt ice cream with fairy floss cost me $5.50, very cheap. Never had sea salt ice cream before, it tasted a lil bit funny, between sweet and salty but it’s very creamy like Maccas ice cream. 

If you’re around just try it! Ciao! 

Cafe Kentaro – Sydney 

Apparently western cafe with Japanese twist is a trend lately, one of them is Cafe Kentaro which located in 616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. It’s not in main road, and situated among housing, but it’s very famous and crowded, when i was there i should sharing my table with other patrons. 

First order was Matcha French Toast ($16) cause i tempted with its plating 😝 it consist of 3 chuncks of matcha brioche with matcha sauce, matcha cream, berries and caramel almonds crumble. Taste nice, but my opinion they better served the toast with matcha ice cream rather than matcha whipped cream. 

Second order was Matcha Cream Puff ($6.50) it’s expensive for a small choux with big dollop of matcha cream. Choux skin also a bit hard and dry not softy like fresh choux skin. 

For drink i was order Hojicha Tea ($4.20) actually i was order for green tea latte but the waitress took wrong order. And i didnt notice until i paid the bill, cause yeah the taste not significantly different with green tea latte. Lol 

Medan Ciak – Sydney

Been curious with this Indonesian resto for long time cause good reviews from some people and more curious after seen their weekend promo on Indonesia-Sydney community forum in Facebook. This place is located in Shop 3, 460 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. Not far from Central station. 

I was there before lunch time (approx at 11am) but the place already full of patrons, lucky i had a small table on the back. Like other Indonesian resto in town, nothing fancy with this place. 

Since it was brunch and i still wanna have meals in other place, so i just ordered Lontong Sayur Medan ($13), it came with fried chicken, balado egg (egg cooked in chilli sauce) and rendang (braised beef cooked in coconut curry), kering kentang (sweet spicy potato crackers), veggies curry and some chunky rice cake (lontong). It tasted good, curry and rendang so rich, what i dont like about this food only one, small portion and not fulfilling lol. 

Second dish i was ordered sate padang ($13), been so long not to eat sate padang. This is one of my favorite Indonesian dish, so i had high expectation about their weekend special promo dish. But i was wrong their sate padang couldnt meet my expectation since they used beef instead cow tongue (fyi, original and authentic sate padang used cow tongue rather than beef), and the sauce not really kicked. I tasted something missing on their sauce. However, Padang food better made by Padangnese. Period. 

If you curious about Medanese food, Medan Ciak is right place. You can find mie siantar, emie rebus and even BPK right here. Ciao! 

12-Micron – Sydney 

Last but not least restaurant i tried this week is 12-Micron, located in Level 2, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, this resto exactly located behind PwC building. They got clear signage, dont worry you wont be lost. 

I think this resto is like any other casual cafe or resto in Barangaroo area, but i might be wrong. It’s a high class/fine dining restaurant, everyone came here very dress up and well-groomed except me lol. But what i like about this resto they dont discriminate, their service was excellent. Price dont lie lol 

Actually i came here for dessert, but i dont know why i feel like hypnotized, so i ordered main course, duck with beetroot, macadamia and alpine peppers ($38). Probably this resto only suit for Australian not me, cause i dont like the duck. It cooked medium well (you can see the meat still red) and no seasoning, so it’s plain. One and only can help only the demi-glace, and the beetroot ugh! I dont know why some people really like beetroot, it taste like soil *oops sorry*. If you Australian or Caucasian maybe you gonna like this food, but sorry my Asian tongue much prefer food with bold seasoning. 

For dessert I ordered Cherry Blossom ($17), it contained cake, miso caramel, cherry and chocolate. Pretty presentation and taste good, liked the combination of its texture and overall taste. 


Cuppa Flower – Sydney

Seen my Sydney fellow foodie’s instagram about this place cause they have signature totoro cake. Honestly i didnt have idea what totoro is (never heard and never knew) but this creature is really cute. So after had breakky on Cuckoo Callay i went here, Cuppa Flower is located in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, Sydney. 

As its name Cuppa Flower, this cafe has garden theme, flower, green plants everywhere with modern touch either. If you visit on weekend (dont know if on weekdays is same), dont forget to write down your name on waiting list cause they will count you take away if you dont get table like my experience. I dont know about the system, cause none tell me at first place, so after long queue, the guy on cashier says i just can take away my order cause i dont have table 😤

Unfortunately when i was there the totoro cake was sold out, so i just bought the swiss-roll version of totoro cake. Still cuteness overload tho. It cost me $4.5 each and available on 2 flavors; green tea and taro. 

For additional i ordered chia seed pudding (forgot its price), this my first time had chia seed pudding i thought it gonna be like jelly but it’s not, it was like overnight oat lol but no worries cause i like it. 

And for drink, i ordered green tea latte (forgot its price), it’s taste good. Green tea flavor not really bold but still could taste its flavor. And not too sweet either. 


Cuckoo Callay – Sydney 

Went here cause interested with their pork theme menu, Cuckoo Callay is located in Newton Station (just across station exit). Apparently this cafe is really happening right now, be ready for long queue especially on weekend. 

I liked how they arranged the interior, it’s very trendy and artsy. You can have dine in whether indoor or outdoor. 

Cause i came on brunch time so i decided to order Silent of the Ham ($20) it was a camembert and ham croquette, with avocado paste, 63 degrees boiled egg and crunchy maple bacon. I liked the combination between soft and crunch texture, also sweet from maple bacon and salty from the croquette. It’s really satisfied.

Fyi, after do any payment please check your receipt cause i got additional $19 for something i didnt order. Ciao!

Pho Ann – Cabbramata

Came here one night with hubby and his bestfriend and partner for dinner, it’s located in 10-12/70-72 John Street, Cabbramata (walking distance from Cabbramata station). Actually i rarely visit Cabbramata so the decision where to go for dinner was decided by bestie’s partner who’s a Vietnamese and because they live in Liverpool. She said Pho Ann is the best pho in Cabbramata and i should try it. Oke lhaa..

This place only sell 1 menu which is pho (fa/fe) it’s Vietnamese beef/pork/chicken noodle soup. I ever tried before in Ho Chi Minh years ago, so i know how authentic pho be like. Both of us were ordered combination beef pho ($13), it contain raw&cooked beef, pork roll, meatballs and innards (if you like). Broth taste nice, it’s very light, not overpowering, but very savory. Beef was so juicy. We ordered large size and it’s so fulfilling. 

If you’re around and feel like wanna have Vietnamese pho, just pay a visit! Ciao!