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Coco Cubano

Because my kitchen is closed every weekend so question that frequently ask is, where to go for lunch/dinner? Getting bored of having Thai/Vietnam/Chinese cuisine or western food lead us to this resto which claimed offer Cuban cuisine. We quite curious about that, so we managed to try it. 

Located on Wollongong Mall (again) this resto is accross their competitor Gusman Y Gomez (i’ll try next time). But according to interior and ambience, i reckon this resto two times better than their competitor. Its interior is mix between tropical Cuba with colourfull walls and vintage deco. 

Once we opened the menu, it looks familiar. The menu mostly having Spanish or Mexican influence. We can find burrito, taco, and other Mexican things here. 

So hubby ordered El Cubano ($17.90) it’s a sandwich with ham, pulled pork, cheese, chipotle mayo, mustard and pickle with selected side dish, fries or salad. Hubby said it’s best choice cause it’s very tasty. I also eaten almost a half of his sandwich, and i like it more than my order πŸ˜”

My ordered was Beef Burrito ($12.5) and extra chips ($2.5). It might be more tasty if they put some seasoning on beef. It’s totally plain, otherwise they put lots of salt on the fries πŸ˜” 

Total cost include 2 cokes ($3.9 each) is about $40.7. Note: nothing free in here even they charge $3.9 for mineral water, so for same amount of money i suggest you to order juice or soft drink. They also have licensed to sell liquors and wine. There also have lunch special and happy hour promo for drinks. For further information you can click their website . Ciao!

Kinn Thai

Hi i’m back! Now i kindly review about another Thai resto in Wollongong, Kinn Thai which situated in Wollongong Mall (next to Sushi Bay), it would be easier if you reach this place from Keira street rather than from inside the mall since their entrance door just next Wollongong bus stop. 

I was here for anniversary dinner. The place a bit fancy but you can dress up casually, reservation is needed cause this place always packed. Lucky us, we had table easily cause we came before dinner time around 5pm. It also licensed restaurant, means they sell any kind of liquors and wine legally. 

First, we ordered Crab Springrolls ($7) for appetizer. I must admit it’s the best Thai/Vietnam springrolls i’ve ever had so far, i liked the crunchiness cause it’s different than any other springrolls which made from supermarket-stuff springroll sheets, it’s like they made it from scratch. With lots of savory crab chunks filling, it really match with the sticky sweet&sour sauce they put on the plate. We even order this dish twice 😝

For main course, we ordered 2 bowl of rice ($3 each), Sizzling Beef ($23) and 3 Flavours Barramundi ($25) to share. Sizzling beef is okay, i liked it cause it’s a bit spicy with a bunch of bell peppers and chilli. Beef cooked well. 

3 Flavours barramundi more like sweet and sour fish for me. I expected it would be 3 flavours literally πŸ˜” but it’s okay, the its taste still acceptable and big portion tho. 

Total cost including 1 bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water ($7.5) and 1 glass of Rose Wine ($7.5) about $83. A bit expensive but their food is superb.

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

I’ve been Zumbo fan ever since i watched his program on Channel 7, Zumbo Just Dessert. I reckon this guy has amazing talent to create beautiful yet imaginative desserts plating or cakes. The most memorable one was when he gave the bottom two challenge to make duplication of his creation, a burritos ice cream, inside in a look-like lemon shell. Then i’ve been following him on instagram. 

I was beyond happy when he opened new small store in Circular Quay, which it’s easy to find. From the famous Darling Harbour it’s about 5 minutes walk, just accross the street. The exact location is inside Gateaway GF Floor, you can enter either from Albert Street or Loftus street. As it’s only small store so they dont have dine in area, just grab and go. But dont worry along the side road outside there so many benches. 

Since we just had our lunch and coffee 30 mins ago, so i just bought 1 cake and 1 macaroon. This store sells lots of varieties of cookies, pastries, cakes (slice or whole cake) and macaroon. If you want try beautiful desserts and other Zumbo’s creations you may click his website to find Zumbo’s Cafe, one of them i know is in Melbourne. 

First, I bought Yuzu Cheese Cake ($9.8), its texture was very creamy more like a mousse than a cheese cake, with tangy orange flavor which i like it. It’s so freshen in mouth. Good presentation tho, i reckon a cheese sliced on the side is a cheese but it’s not, it’s a chocolate with orange flavour. 

Second, i tried their macaroon. It’s $2,5 each. I picked popcorn macaroon flavor, and it’s also good, not too sweet and it has strong popcorn flavor, maybe they made it from real popcorn not only essence or whatever. One thing annoy me so much about this macaroon cause its shell very crumbly, you have to touch it extra carefully or it will crumbled. 

Still, i was curious about Zumbo Cafe. Ciao!

Bourke Street Bakery

Still in the same area, after lunch finished we look for coffee shop around before heading off to parking lot. It’s like a habit when we going out at least we try one coffee shop, as my hubby is a coffee freak. Actually i was curious with coffee shop next to Bourke Bakery but that time the place is packed, maybe i should try next time. Bourke Street Bakery itself is located in Shop 4, 23 Barangaroo Avenue (across The Canteen). 

Like its name they sells wide varieties of breads, pastries and cakes, and also hot&ice beverages for companion. 

Because we dont have enough time to sit and relax, so we bought iced coffee in a bottle ($4.5 each). They also sell iced chai, iced chocolate, iced lemonade and juice in the bottle, same price. Very simple, just grab and go. Coffee was superb, it came in strong flavor and not too sweet. They using raw sugar so it’s good for diets and diabetics. Ciao!

Bungalow 8

Last weekend me and hubby had a day out in Sydney. As my hubby isnt food entusiast like myself, so he let me to choose which restos we would try. Actually I have a long list resto to try, but unfortunately we just have 10 hours in city then should go back home to Wollongong. So for lunch we picked random restos in Barangaroo. Barangaroo itself is an area close to the famous Darling Harbour. You can reach this place by hop on hop off bus from Central station, public bus (but sorry i dont know which number is) or taxi. Car is okay but the parking area a bit far from here, so you need to walk about 10 mins. This area surrounded by hippiest restos, cafes, coffe shops and stores. And always packed by Sydney-siders and socialita especially on the weekends.

We picked Bungalow 8 which located in 3 Lime Street, Barangaroo, right in front of the Wharf. The ambience more looks like tropical bar in Hawaii or somewhere in Ocean Pacific islands. And mostly people come here (according to my observation) for drinking with their buddies and chit chat along the day. Thats why this place dont serve a lots varieties of main course. They just serve tapas and light meals for snacking. 

This is my hubby’s order, Island Cesar Salad ($20.50). The perks of having kaukasian spouse is they dont eat much like Indonesians πŸ˜‚ Proteins and veggies in one plate is more than enough for them. They dont need nasi padang, nasi goreng or nasi tumpeng to make their tummy full πŸ˜‚ Hubby said salad is yum even the crutons a bit hard and burnt. 

Then order Tiki Tacos ($15 for 3) for myself, and Crab&Spinach Dimsim ($14) to share. I’ll review the tacos first. So my tacos consist of pecking duck taco, bbq pork taco and corn taco. 2 of them were good. Regarding to its taste i prefer pecking duck taco, it’s like fusion east met west as ist best. The duck meat is very tender and cooked in hoisin sauce. Yet pork BBQ also good cause they also insert pork crackling on it so it’s makes the texture a bit crunchy. I dont like corn taco, cause it’s just plain grilled corn and tomato salsa wrapped in taco nothing special. 

Crab&Spinach Dimsim is very enjoyable. I was a bit underestimate before this dish came to our table. I think it would be like regular frozen dimsim as this resto isnt dumpling specialist. But i was wrong, i reckon this is the best dish we had in this resto! It tasted like homemade dimsim, with lots of crab chunks on it. Love it!

This lunch cost us $50 (including GST $4,48). Just like any restos here, they serve jugs of water for free to save the budget πŸ˜‰ ciao!

Trang Vietnamese RestaurantΒ 

My curiosity sent me to this place since i never seen this place empty either at lunch or dinner time. So once upon a time, I managed to have lunch in this restaurant which located in Keira Street, Wollongong (next to Mochi Dining that i’ve been reviewed before). Arrived after lunch time almost 2pm, this place a half empty only some tables occupied. They have two large rooms to accomodate lots of people, on the right and left side. 

They offer wide varian of Vietnam dishes, not only pho or spring rolls, but also some traditional Vietnam dishes that i’ve ever eaten before on their country long time ago. One of them is Cha Ko To or Caramelized Fish ($15). And that’s become my order then. The reason is simply because i ever eaten one in Ho Chi Minh, and it was very tasty. My order is include rice so dont need to order another one. 

About 20 mins my food is served. And i was a bit shocked as it wasnt like the one i ever had. It more look like fish soup with lots of veggies πŸ˜… the original cha ko to is braised in claypot with sweet soy sauce (kecap manis), garlic and dried chilli until they caramelized. Similar with Malaysian bakut teh (but a bit different cause bakut teh using many Chinese herbs on it). How about the taste? Well, it’s sweet, literally cause i didnt taste anything else but sweet. Still, i was dissapointed cause for myself it’s not cha ko to, it’s a fish soup πŸ˜…

Maybe i just take the wrong order. Next time i’m gonna try their best seller pho or noodle salad. If you want save budget, they have self-service lemon infused water. You can refill as much as you want.  Staffs are friendly. The only thing annoy me so much is too many flies inside, just wonder how they come in. Ciao! 

Eat Street Market Eps.2

Hi i’m back on 2nd episode of Eat Street Market in Wollongong Central. A culinary event or pop up bazaar which held every Thursday night. The first one i already posted before this, just check it out (but sorry i posted in Bahasa). Well, actually it’s my 3 weeks in a row visiting this culinary event. How can i resist lots of food right there! So here the recaps for today..

# The Donut Dealer 

I already curious about this foodtruck since last week, because they not only sell conventional donut but also cronut with many varieties of topping. Currently, cronut is a new darling on pastry world, it’s actually combination of croissant and donut. Well, on my opinion it’s totally croissant but in a ring shape. 

I bought the best seller cronut which is salted caramel popcorn cronut ($8). It’s yummo, the texture is flaky like any other croissant, watch out for diabetics cause it’s soo sweet! I couldnt even eat it all cause too sweet. Prepare wet tissue or hanky cause it makes your hand a bit dirty and sticky lol

# Pochito

This stall also steal my attention because its colourful booth but since i dont have idea about Chillean food, sometimes i just walk down to their booth and look up on them for read the menu. They not sell many varian dishes, only some burgers with pull beef in chillean spices and empanadas. And i just know about empanadas but still havent tried before. 

So i managed to try it. They sell cheese, spinach ricotta, chicken, beef, and prawns empanadas. I picked the chicken one to try. It cost me $6 each. I was a bit surprised as its taste not like usual latin/mexican food which a bit spicy. This tasted more like Australian pie, the chicken cooked with mushroom in creamy sauce. Which i like it! And the pastry sheet tasted more like Italian dish, calzone. Recommended!

# Grilled Squids

I am a big fan of squids whether it was grilled, deep fried or cooked in Indonesian version like sambal cumi (salty squid in chilli sauce). So today i tried this booth which located next to my favorite twist potato. They not only sell grilled squids with selected sauce; bbq or spicy chilli, but also stuffed squids but i dont ask any further about this menu. 

I ordered grilled squid with spicy chilli ($8), and they made it once we order. The squids was yummy and its texture was not rubbery, that was because they only grill more or less 3 minutes to keep it juicy. Next time i’m gonna try another menu. 

# Jimmy’s

Me and husband ever been tried Jimmy’s before on their restaurant at Crown street. And glad to find them again on this event. Cause their burger quality was superb, i mean it. I never like burger, maybe burger will be my least choice to eat 😝

This my hubby’s order, Maple Bacon Burger ($13). We quite surprised since price in here more expensive compare than their restaurant price. At least for that price we can have burger and fries on their restaurant, and in here we only get burger without fries. But it’s ok lah since the quality still same. 

# Stroopbros

And last but not least i tried Stroopbross cause some photos on their instagram very mouthwatering. They sell stroop waffle, it’s kinda like crunchy waffle with caramel and ice cream sandwich. I ever had stroop waffle before..on Starbucks πŸ˜‚ so i managed to try ice cream sandwich ($9). I had a bit miscommonication with them earlier, i thought they were using waffle for ice cream sandwich like their dummy in the front. And they didnt ask me whether i want waffle or cookies, they just asked me which ice cream i wanna have chocolate or vanilla with sprinkle πŸ˜… Since i dont wanna be grumpy customer so i go with it, not bad, i like the cookies tho.