Cuppa Flower – Sydney

Seen my Sydney fellow foodie’s instagram about this place cause they have signature totoro cake. Honestly i didnt have idea what totoro is (never heard and never knew) but this creature is really cute. So after had breakky on Cuckoo Callay i went here, Cuppa Flower is located in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, Sydney. 

As its name Cuppa Flower, this cafe has garden theme, flower, green plants everywhere with modern touch either. If you visit on weekend (dont know if on weekdays is same), dont forget to write down your name on waiting list cause they will count you take away if you dont get table like my experience. I dont know about the system, cause none tell me at first place, so after long queue, the guy on cashier says i just can take away my order cause i dont have table 😤

Unfortunately when i was there the totoro cake was sold out, so i just bought the swiss-roll version of totoro cake. Still cuteness overload tho. It cost me $4.5 each and available on 2 flavors; green tea and taro. 

For additional i ordered chia seed pudding (forgot its price), this my first time had chia seed pudding i thought it gonna be like jelly but it’s not, it was like overnight oat lol but no worries cause i like it. 

And for drink, i ordered green tea latte (forgot its price), it’s taste good. Green tea flavor not really bold but still could taste its flavor. And not too sweet either. 


The Rabbit Hole – Barangaroo

Forgive me cause i’m really shallow minded person, cause i often come to a cafe or two with the reason “i like the plating”, “the food so instagram material” and other shallow reasons lol And this is the reason why i pay a visit The Rabbit Hole, which located in Shop 1, 23 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney. It’s blocks away from Bourke Street Bakery i’ve ever reviewed before. 

It’s small tea shop anyway, aside serving organic tea they also sell coffee, spices latte (i.e turmeric, ginger etc), healthy food, detox water, and their signature lavender shortbread. 

I ordered turmeric latte ($6) cause curious about its taste. In my country and most of Asian country we do turmeric just for cooking or making traditional herbal drink, i think turmeric latte is a brilliant idea. I could taste turmeric on its foam, but the latte itself taste like chai latte on my opinion. But it’s good to drink it on cold weather cause give you warm sensation automatically. 

I also bought their signature lavender shortbreads home ($5.50 each), taste so-so. I more like shortbread without glazy. 


St Ali – Melbourne

Who doesnt know this famous new coffee shop joint in Jakarta? Even most of my friends talked about it. St Ali is originally from Melbourne, their coffee shop located in 12-18 Yarra Place. South Melbourne, a bit tricky to find cause is not located on the main road and no big signage but surprisingly the place is always packed! 

Me and hubby went there on our last day in Melbourne on the way home for breakky. Oh, a bit surprised too to find they also sell Indonesian coffee beans, sunda hejo. Like other coffee shop all over Aussie, they served heavy breakfast meals, and pastry or cake. 

Me and hubby ordered eggs your way, one requested without toast (for me!). I was falling in love with how they cook scrambled egg, and expect will have same thing in here. And yes, eggs was fluffy and soft. If you order with toast they will give you artisan pepe saya butter which taste nicer than regular butter. 

A visit is incomplete without to taste their coffee, me ordered iced coffee filter, it’s cold brewed black coffee served in bottle. And hubby had cappuccino even he ordered it twice. It’s all cost us $42.50, a bit expensive ya for coffee shop but if i’m not wrong their coffee price in Jakarta also a bit expensive than Starbucks. Ciao!

Fitzrovia – Melbourne

Next morning we had breakie just next to our door, Fitzrovia. They actually have promotion for Adina’s guest to get 10% discount on dinner, but we choose to pay a visit on breakfast time. 

I liked how they set their interior up, it’s kinda like traditional market with fruit carts on stairs and open kitchen. Plenty appetizing cakes, breads and pastry are put on show case just right after entrance door.

For food, hubby got Eggs on your way ($10.50), he chose scrambled eggs served on toast with tomato chutney. Eggs so fluffy and moist. 

And me got Ham&Cheese Croissant (forget the price). Ham&cheese combination never go wrong, it’s perfect! 👌🏽 

For drinks we both ordered cappuccino, cause Melbourne it’s so popular with its coffee. The coffe was so good, so rich, dense flavour, low acidity. Everything taste just right. 

Dough Darlings 

Nama Dough Darlings memang kurang familiar di kupingnya Gadisrakus tapi ternyata kata temen-temen saya brand donat ini udah lumayan ngeheits di Jakarta. Okeh…cupu banget berarti saya ya. Nah kemarin tuh direkomen juga sama temen buat cobain pas dia lagi jemput saya di hostel dan ngelewatin tempat ini yang lokasinya gak jauh dari hostel bahkan walking distance banget, yaitu di Jl. Petitenget No.22, Seminyak.

Tempatnya sih kecil yah paling cuma muat 20an orang dan simpel. Didominasi warna putih dan ada muralnya juga. Jadi ceritanya Dough Darlings ini artisan bakery gitu tapi khusus jual donat aja, donatnya dikreasiin macem-macem gitu deh (yang jelas belum ada di pasaran yang kek gitu). Mereka juga jual aneka kopi, teh dan mocktail buat temen makan donatnya. 

Waktu itu sih temen saya rekomendasiin yang ada baconnya, cuma sayang pas kemarin kesana gak ada. So saya cuma nyobain cheese cake donut (20k) dan cold brewnya (30k). Cheese cake donutnya bukan cheese cake berbentuk donat yah, tapi donat biasa yang dikasih frosting cream cheese (literally cream cheese bukan mentega campur gula kejunya seiiprit) dan taburan red velvet crumble. Menurut saya yang cheese cakenya ini rasanya lumayan, gak terlalu manis karena ketolong sama cream cheesenya, donatnya juga lumayan empuk (kalo kata temen sih terlalu empuk) tapi buat ogut sih ga masalah. Oiya cold brewnya lumayan enak loh (menurut ogut) creamy milky dan strongnya kopi nyatu banget, dengan konsistensi yang pas gak encer, dan ga terlalu manis. 

Saya juga nyobain mozzarella donut (35k) buat dibawa pulang. Cuma saya kurang sreg sama yang ini, glazynya terlalu manis, terus berpadu sama asinnya mozzarella yang dikasih sedikit taburan rosemary. Jadi ya gimana ya kurang pas aja. Coba deh gak usah dikasih glazy pasti lebih endol kek donatnya Jaiko (bukan nama sebenarnya) yang rasa keju itu kan enak, sayang sekarang yang rasa keju mascarpone itu juga sekarang uda didiscontinue dari Jaiko #kusedi 

Masih penasaran sih sama yang ada baconnya, cuma di sini harganya lumayan juga yah buat sebuah donat yaitu berkisar 20k-35k. Maklum biasa ogut makan donat kampung, paling mentok donat Jaiko lol 😂 

Mangsi Coffee

Okeh jadi postingan kali ini Gadisrakus melipir dikit ke Denpasar karena tadi abis diajakin makan di sate plecing Arjuna (udah pernah saya review) terus sekalian aja deh nyari tempat nongkrong yang gak terlalu berat. Keingetan dulu temennya Gadisrakus pernah nitip kopi Mangsi, tapi karena gak tau tempatnya – lebih tepatnya sih males nyari karena di Denpasar cuy, jadilah eke skip. Nah berhubung tadi temen bawa kendaraan dan mau nganterin yaudin cuss.

Mangsi Coffee yang beralamat di Jl. Merdeka No.999x, Renon-Denpasar ini awalnya cuma jualan bubuk kopi Mangsi aja. Fyi, Mangsi adalah merk kopi Bali dan kayaknya lumayan terkenal disini. Nah, temennya Gadisrakus yang pernah nitip dulu itu bilang kopinya emang enak. Kalau mau nyeduh sendiri di rumah mereka jual per 200gr seharga 15k. Murah yaa..

Karena mau cobain kopi Mangsinya, jadi saya memesan Mangsi Sensation (29k), ini kayak iced cappucino tapi dengan taburan bubuk kopi Mangsi diatasnya. Lumayan enak sih, creamy-nya, kekentalannya, kopinya berpadu pas. Gak gitu manis pula. Bubuk kopinya kalau kesedot memberi sentuhan rasa agak pahit. Temen saya @rennywhittle karena gak doyan kopi cuma memesan Iced Lychee Tea (29k) katanya sih baru kali ini dia di Bali dapet es teh leci, lecinya ada 4 butir 😂

Overall tempat ini cukup enak buat nongkrong atau ngerjain tugas walaupun tempatnya agak panas padahal AC-nya 6 nyala semua tuh ya. Mereka juga jual masakan berat dan cemilan. Ciao!

Bourke Street Bakery – Sydney

Still in the same area, after lunch finished we look for coffee shop around before heading off to parking lot. It’s like a habit when we going out at least we try one coffee shop, as my hubby is a coffee freak. Actually i was curious with coffee shop next to Bourke Bakery but that time the place is packed, maybe i should try next time. Bourke Street Bakery itself is located in Shop 4, 23 Barangaroo Avenue (across The Canteen). 

Like its name they sells wide varieties of breads, pastries and cakes, and also hot&ice beverages for companion. 

Because we dont have enough time to sit and relax, so we bought iced coffee in a bottle ($4.5 each). They also sell iced chai, iced chocolate, iced lemonade and juice in the bottle, same price. Very simple, just grab and go. Coffee was superb, it came in strong flavor and not too sweet. They using raw sugar so it’s good for diets and diabetics. Ciao!