Cafe Kentaro – Sydney 

Apparently western cafe with Japanese twist is a trend lately, one of them is Cafe Kentaro which located in 616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. It’s not in main road, and situated among housing, but it’s very famous and crowded, when i was there i should sharing my table with other patrons. 

First order was Matcha French Toast ($16) cause i tempted with its plating 😝 it consist of 3 chuncks of matcha brioche with matcha sauce, matcha cream, berries and caramel almonds crumble. Taste nice, but my opinion they better served the toast with matcha ice cream rather than matcha whipped cream. 

Second order was Matcha Cream Puff ($6.50) it’s expensive for a small choux with big dollop of matcha cream. Choux skin also a bit hard and dry not softy like fresh choux skin. 

For drink i was order Hojicha Tea ($4.20) actually i was order for green tea latte but the waitress took wrong order. And i didnt notice until i paid the bill, cause yeah the taste not significantly different with green tea latte. Lol 

Spice Alley – Sydney

Two weeks ago i met my ex college friend who been living here for 7 years, we used to meet when she’s not busy. She recommend me this place which situated in Kensington street, Chippendale, Sydney (just across the Concrete Jungle i’ve reviewed before). So Spice Alley is basically like a foodcourt but the stalls mostly sell out Asian street food. It has wide varieties of food, from Melayu/Peranakan to Korean food, from Thai food to Japanese food. Even it’s not really authentic anyway, but it’s best place if you craving some Asian food but cant decide where to go. 

Cause we gonna try another place, so me and my friend just order lunch from Alex Kitchen. They sells peranakan food ( Malaysia/Singapore dishes). I was ordered Nasi Rendang ($14) for that price beef rendang is given generously. Beef is succulent and chewyable. Even they cooked rendang in Malaysian style (Indonesia has similar rendang but the spices are different), but it has strong flavor and very delish. 

While my friend was ordered Roti Canai ($7) it’s Indian bread served with curry. She actually also ordered fried kwetiao from stall next door but i forgot to take picture. 

Next time i’m gonna re-visit and explore other stalls. Ciao! 

Devon Cafe Surry Hills – Sydney

Knew this gem from one of fellow Sydney foodies in Instagram, i was interested cause Devon has western with Japanese twist menu. Actually they have 2 branches, Surry Hills is the headquarter, and the other one is on Barangaroo. Because i already had heavy meals before so i just ordered their dessert and coffee. For Surry Hills branch, the cafe situated on 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, Sydney. If you came from Central, just take shortcut on South Concord Exit then across the street. Easier if you came here by foot or public transportation cause no parking space since there’s government project and they blocked the road. 

And this what i ordered, Devon Matcha Cake ($17). So this is basically a green tea mousse on top of green tea cookies based, with green tea crumbled, green tea sauce and berries. Presentation is very pretty, they also put some edible flowers. Overall, taste so good. I’m a big fan of anything matcha. Sometime matcha dessert like this whether too sweet or too bitter, not balance at all. But this dessert is amazing, i could taste the matcha and the sweetness without feeling worry will get diabetics lol 

For the coffee, i was ordered standard Cappuccino ($4) for myself who not really expert in coffee, coffee was good, very strong, if you dont like bitter coffee maybe you should order flatwhite or anything milky. 

Definitely be back, still curious about another menu. Ciao!

Hungry Duck – Berry

For lunch we chose to try Hungry Duck, it only walking distance from Donut Van, situated on 85 Queen St, Berry, NSW. This resto served Japanese fusion food. Not plenty food offered, seems like their theme is less is more, from its interior to the menu.

Hubby ordered Dashi Poached Salmon with Soba Salad ($22). Poached salmon is beautiful, they cook perfectly. They also served it with Japanese shiso, it’s Japanese herbs and common use in Japanese culinary. 

Mine was Hungry Duck Ramen ($17), ramen was good even it’s not authentic ramen, but the top notch on this dish is the fried duck. It’s very succulent, juicy, crunchy and moist at the same time and well seasoned. Super love with the duck. Cause i know make a good duck is tricky, it would be rubbery if you use wrong technique. 

The two things what make us unhappy were first the service is very slow. Both food came after 1 hour. Even at that time resto almost close, only 3 tables occupied. Seem like they only had 1 chef on the kitchen. Second, plenty flies around and they look careless with it. All include one bottle of sparkling water cost us $50. Ciao!

Wagaya – Sydney

“Where to go for dinner this weekend?” That question always comin up to my head even we just start the week! Yeah, some friends called me “visioner” if it comes to food thingy. I always plan ahead what would i have for lunch or dinner today, tomorrow even week after lol

And Zomato always help me out so much to find new and interesting place to eat. This time we tried Wagaya, a Japanese resto which located in Shop 1, 78 Harbour Street, Chinatown, Sydney, not far from Paddys Market. I made rsvp before (through Zomato) cause this place always have long line up especially on weekend. 

I came at 5.30pm, 30 mins early and had seat in a cubicle with touch screen computerize system to order. It’s not my first time anyway to have experience like this, i have done before in Genki Sushi Jakarta. But it’s first time indeed to my hubby. Actually i prefer order system like this, cause we can see one by one without feeling rushed to get order done. 

And for dinner i had small size Beef Sukiyaki ($13.50) and rice ($3.50). If we order hot pot like this they will put small stove on your table and you can measure cook level on your own. I’d like to not cook the beef long time, so it still juicy. Broth was good, sweet and savory went well. Ask for chilli powder cause they not provide on your table. 

Hubby had Chicken Katsu Curry ($12.50), it came on big portion. Curry was mild and not too spicy, very enjoyable. 

We also had Assorted Tempura ($18) to share. I think it’s quite expensive, since it only consist of 2 prawns, 2 small chunks of squid, and the rest was veggies. Taste ok. 

All cost include 2 cokes and 1 iced green tea was $57. To save your budget just order tap water for free, but they will give you a half glass only. Dont know why…geez! 


Toiro mungkin masih asing di telinga para foodies, karena ya resto ini emang pemain baru di dunia kuliner, lebih tepatnya kuliner bernama “wagashi” alias cemilan manis tradisional khas Jepang. Saya aja yang pernah ke Jepang malah baru tau ada cemilan namanya wagashi, saya taunya mochi sama taiyaki doang. Anyway, mungkin Toiro ini bisa dibilang satu-satunya resto/cafe yang khusus jualan wagashi di Bali. Kata pelayannya sih mereka buka setahun yang lalu, yang punya orang Jepang asli. 
Lokasi Toiro ini ada di Jl. Batu Belig No.2, Kerobokan. 

Cafenya sih simple ya dan berkonsep outdoor, terus ditata ala taman di Jepang gitu. Kalau gak salah Toiro ini selain menjual wagashi juga menjual set menu masakan Jepang gitu, tapi gak banyak variasinya. Kayak cuma sekedar tambahan aja gitu. 

Karena saya penasaran sama wagashinya saya ya pesannya itu aja, dan cobain aneka jenisnya. Yang pertama saya pesen Bali Sunset (20k), emang yah orang Jepang itu terkenal dengan rasa estetikanya yang tinggi. Ini padahal cuma ager-ager lho, tapi dia bisa bikin ombre gini warnanya. Btw ini rasanya kopi, terus yang kayak buletan putih yang seolah-olah mataharinya itu terbuat dari white beans paste. Saya sih suka yang ini karena ga terlalu manis.

Terus yang kedua saya memesan New Wave (20k), ini juga sama ager-ager juga tapi tengahnya yang putih berbentuk (seolah-olah) kayak awan itu kayak ketan. Kalau yang ini saya kurang suka karena terlalu manis. 

Yang ketiga saya memesan Winding (25k), ini sih bentuknya kurang jelas ya tapi kayak ada hiasan bunga sakuranya gitu. Ini white beans paste (kalo dari rasanya sih sejenis kedelai gitu yah) terus dalemannya chocolate paste. Ini sih lumayan tapi ogut kurang suka karena rasanya terlalu berat. 

Yang keempat pesen Jewel (20k), dari semua varian wagashi saya paling suka yang ini karena memiliki berbagai macam rasa dan terasa ringan. Yang saya makan di tempat ini rasa rapsberry, tapi di luar itu saya memesan rasa mango dan peach juga buat dibawa pulang. Jadi luarnya itu kayak jelly tapi dalemnya mousse. Kalau pesen yang ini yang rasa buah aja jadi lumayan seger dan gak eneg. 

Buat minumannya saya memesan signature drink mereka Toiro Matcha (38k), ini kayak minuman matcha biasa karena saya pesen yang iced jadi dikasih es batu yang juga terbuat dari cairan matcha dibekuin. Ini rasa matchanya pekat banget yah, saya sih suka. Uniknya minuman ini disajikan di gelas wine. 

Kalau ingin pengalaman baru di dunia kuliner, cus cobain wagashi ini. Ciao! 

Correlate by Chef Juna 

Nemu tempat ini lagi-lagi gak sengaja, seperti biasa berkat Zomato. Jadi kalau ada restoran baru gitu kan suka muncul di featurenya, nah kebeneran banget kan ini resto ada embel-embel Chef Juna-nya, siapa yang gak tau chef jutek tapi ganteng-ganteng emesshh yang jadi juri di Masterchef Indo. Mengingat dia jutek banget kan kalo ngomentarin peserta Masterchef jadilah saya penasaran sama masakan dia. Beneran perfect apa nggak.

Correlate sendiri berlokasi di Menara Rajawali, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. Lebih tepatnya deketan sama restoran E&O yang dipunyai oleh Chef Will Meyrick. Menurut saya untuk restoran sekelas resto yang dipunyai seorang celebrity chef, resto ini terlalu minimalis banget. Atau mungkin sengaja konsepnya seperti ini atau gimana. Yang jelas interiornya sangat minimalis dan clean. Tanpa banyak dekorasi yang mengesankan itu resto fine dine. Oiya yang menarik lagi, resto ini juga berkonsep open kitchen, jadi kalau lagi beruntung bisa liat/ketemu chef Juna yang lagi masak. 

Beralih ke makanan, saya memesan lunch packagenya yang seharga 159k (ada 2 pilihan, 159k atau 189k, beda di set menunya ajah berapa course). Kalau pesan paket lunch udah harga tersebut udah termasuk main course pilihan, dessert pilihan dan ice tea. Saya memesan yang main coursenya salmon teriyaki dengan dessert best seller mereka, poppy seed cake. 

Salmon teriyakinya menurut saya oke, dimasak sangat2 well-timing. Persis seperti salmon yang beberapa kali saya makan di Jepang. Jadi dalemnya masih moist dan berwarna pink tua, tapi mateng. Karena salmon kalau overcook itu teksturnya flaky (berlapis-lapis dan berwarna pink pucat). Kalau gak salah Japanese food memang keahliannya chef Juna ya. Gak heran dia bisa masak salmon seperfect ini. Tapi sayang saus teriyakinya buat saya terlalu asin, kayak cuma diguyur kecap asin aja. Soalnya saya juga demen masak salmon teriyaki dengan resep otentik, dan teriyaki yang otentik itu terdiri dari kecap asin, cooking sake, mirin dan sedikit gula. Jadi saya bisa bedain lah mana yang cuma pure kecap asin mana yang enggak. Terus juga tumis sayuran yang menurut waiternya adalah kale terlalu langu banget. Saya juga sering masak pakai kale dan gak selangu itu. Well, gak ngerti juga 😁

Beralih ke poppy seed cakenya, karena ini lunch package jadi slicenya kecil banget. Tapi cake ini enak sih kalau menurut saya, jadi itu perpaduan poppy seed sponge cake, cheese cake dan mousse rasa markisa. Jadi rasanya gurih, asem manis seger, dan sponge cakenya netralin rasa. Cuma saya kurang suka lapisan icing berwarna biru dipinggir-pinggirnya karena teksturnya seperti jelly tapi rasanya terlalu manis. 

Di luar lunch package saya juga memesan Soft Shell Crab Roll (83k) sebagai entree. Sebenernya saya kurang suka sih fushion sushi kayak gitu, cuma sekali-sekali boleh lah ya. Rasanya lumayan aja. Tapi menurut eke ya untuk harga 83k porsinya dikit amaaatt 😂

Overall cukup menarik sih pengalaman makan di restonya chef judes itu. Ciao!