Enjoy Mie – Sydney

Been so long heard about this place from 2 friends who are Sydney-siders, but never had chance to try it. Until one day because i took wrong bus to this area lol Enjoy Mie sell typical chinese noodles or we use to call it as “bakmi” in Indonesia. We had two different kind of noodle dish; bakmi dan mi ayam, bakmi used to refer to Chinese style (with salty soy sauce, chicken or pork topping, wonton or meatball side dish, and broth which served separately). While in mie ayam the chicken topping used to cook with many spices like tumeric, galangal etc and make the taste more complex, it use to serve in 2 style: mie ayam with broth or mie ayam yamin (with kecap manis/sweet soy sauce). And Enjoy Mie is in Chinese style. 

For appetizer i was ordered 2pcs of bakso goreng (fried meatball) for $5. Fried meatball also typical Chinese style, use to serve as appetizer or side dish. Bakso goreng taste good, it’s a bit chewy but still enjoyable. I didnt try their fried wonton, maybe next time. 

And for the main i was ordered Mie Ayam Jamur (chicken mushroom noodles) for $10.50 and added extra chasiu (roasted pork) for $4. I thought the portion would be small, but i was wrong. It’s very big portion, maybe 1,5 portion. Its taste reminds me of my favorite noodles joint in Jakarta. 

They also sell teh botol (in small box) for $2,5. I’ll definitely come back. 

St Ali – Melbourne

Who doesnt know this famous new coffee shop joint in Jakarta? Even most of my friends talked about it. St Ali is originally from Melbourne, their coffee shop located in 12-18 Yarra Place. South Melbourne, a bit tricky to find cause is not located on the main road and no big signage but surprisingly the place is always packed! 

Me and hubby went there on our last day in Melbourne on the way home for breakky. Oh, a bit surprised too to find they also sell Indonesian coffee beans, sunda hejo. Like other coffee shop all over Aussie, they served heavy breakfast meals, and pastry or cake. 

Me and hubby ordered eggs your way, one requested without toast (for me!). I was falling in love with how they cook scrambled egg, and expect will have same thing in here. And yes, eggs was fluffy and soft. If you order with toast they will give you artisan pepe saya butter which taste nicer than regular butter. 

A visit is incomplete without to taste their coffee, me ordered iced coffee filter, it’s cold brewed black coffee served in bottle. And hubby had cappuccino even he ordered it twice. It’s all cost us $42.50, a bit expensive ya for coffee shop but if i’m not wrong their coffee price in Jakarta also a bit expensive than Starbucks. Ciao!

Milk The Cow – Melbourne

Well-known as wine and dairy producers, it’s common plenty restos or cafes in Australia offer wine and cheese tasting experience. Usually cheese and wine (sometime they serve with cured meat either) served as snacking or appetizer only. 

Before we arrived in Melbourne, i already curious with this resto next to my apartment. I never had wine and cheese tasting before so it’s my first experience. This place seem popular cause everyday and night always pack. Likely, wine and cheese is a part of Melbournian’s lifestyle. 

Before we order, usually the waiter/waitress would be given us information about their products, include wine and cheese selection they have. We could order cheese only, or cheese flight (cheese and selected liquor or a la carte menu using dairy products. 

Cause it’s my first experience so we ordered 2 different menu to taste. I got wine flight (small size) consist of 4 assorted cheeses and 4 pairing of wine. It also come with herbs cracker (dont know what its name, but it’s cracker with thyme flavor). I’ll review cheese only from left to right, cause i cant differentiate wine taste lol my bad! Ok, so first is Queso Mahon (strong taste and have bitter after taste), second is Meredith Farm Chevre (it’s like goat cheese, i dont like it cause smell and taste horrible like a goat, i dont eat goat anyway), third is Brillat Savarin (i like it, it’s creamy, a bit milky and not too salty, it’s match with thyme crackers), fourth is BellaVitano Merlot (strong flavor but more like cheddar, i loved this too). 

While hubby had 3 cheese cheesemonger’s choice ($27). It came with quinces paste and assorted bread. Quinces paste is the one like orange brownie marmalade, taste sweet and bit sour. Review will be from left to right, but i’m sorry this time without the name cause i forgot lol. From the left, it’s blue cheese (i like the strongly flavor from the mold, yeah it’s fermented cheese by the way, i even take the rest home lol), next is stinky cheese (its taste really awful and very stinky, we didnt even eat it) and the last one taste like my BellaVitano Merlot. 

All cost include sparkling water cost us $53. Ciao!

QVM Doughnut Foodtruck – Melbourne

So i saw on my fellow foodie’s instastory about this doughnut which located in Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne. She said it’s very famous. Yet it is. I even got long queue just to get 5pcs of these. 

For my taste bud this doughnut is so average. Its shape like kue bantal/dading in Indonesia (actually kue bantal dough same as donut anyway, just different shape) with strawberry jam filling. What i dislike like about it just too much sugar, i suppose to request without sugar coating. What i like is cheap (suitable for budget traveler) $5.50 for 5pcs. 

Fitzrovia – Melbourne

Next morning we had breakie just next to our door, Fitzrovia. They actually have promotion for Adina’s guest to get 10% discount on dinner, but we choose to pay a visit on breakfast time. 

I liked how they set their interior up, it’s kinda like traditional market with fruit carts on stairs and open kitchen. Plenty appetizing cakes, breads and pastry are put on show case just right after entrance door.

For food, hubby got Eggs on your way ($10.50), he chose scrambled eggs served on toast with tomato chutney. Eggs so fluffy and moist. 

And me got Ham&Cheese Croissant (forget the price). Ham&cheese combination never go wrong, it’s perfect! 👌🏽 

For drinks we both ordered cappuccino, cause Melbourne it’s so popular with its coffee. The coffe was so good, so rich, dense flavour, low acidity. Everything taste just right. 

Topolino’s – Melbourne

So this review would be the one of five my culinary journey on Melbourne. Cause we just had short trip, 3D 2N, so we didnt try a lot. I wish i could back to Melbourne again someday *wink* 

Lucky we stay in serviced apartement in St. Kilda which surrounded by hippiest cafes and resto just in walking distance. On this post also, i would like recommend this serviced apartment for those who has planning to visit Melbourne. So the name is Adina Service Apartement, it’s quite popular in Aussie, they have plenty branches all over Aussie. Price might be different one to another depend of location and type of apartment we choose. Mine was Studio Premier, cost us $160/night, i thought refer to Studio type it would be small, but it’s quite spacey, with one bedroom (completed with iPhone/iPod dock), bathroom (completed with laundry facility, hair dryer, amenities), small kitchen (completed with fridge, microwave, touch screen stove and dish washer), a table of two dinning room, lounge and small balcony. It suit for family or group. And why i chose St Kilda aside it surrounded by many hip coffee shop and resto, because it’s very strategic, close to the St Kilda Beach, and 2km away to the famous Brighton Beach’s colorful bath boxes and Luna Park. Yeah, a bit far from Melbourne CBD but there’s trem stop right across the apartment. I was really enjoy had 2 night stay and it’s not paid review anyway. 

Okay back to culinary review my first post is about Topolino’s, an Italian joint on the neighbourhood. It exactly located in 87 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda Melbourne. I read nice review about this place on Zomato, tho a place a bit dull and old school compare with other hip cafe around. What make me chose this place, cause we could order the pizza by the size. Cause i know i can never eat all of this. 

Cause we havent had any heavy meals along the road (yeah we had road trip from Wollongong to Melbourne lol) so we ordered some dishes. First is garlic&herb bread with cheese ($8.50) to share for appetizer. I thought it would be like garlic bread like the one in Pizza Hut chain, but it’s different. Seems like it made from loaf bread then topped with herbs,crushed garlic and mozarella. Taste really good, the melted cheese make it the texture more gooey. 

For main hubby got Spaghetti Bolognese ($18.90), taste good too and huge portion. If you dont have big appetite you can share it.

And mine was Seafood Pizza – small size ($14.90), but i reckon it’s not that good as i expected. I dont know, i feel like pizza and seafood just didnt go well. 

All include 2 cokes cost us $52. Not bad. Big portion too so it’s worth the value. Ciao! 

Il Locale Gelato – Berry

To end our culinary trip on Berry, we had Il Locale Gelato as dessert. Actually there are 2 gelato shops on same street, and both is popular. It depends on your preference. I prefer Il Locale cause the place is cuter (you know i’m weak with this lol )

Il Locale Gelato located in 114 Queen St, Berry, NSW. They offer many varieties of gelato and sorbet. You can combine both in one cone or cup. I had ginger short bread gelato and cherry sorbet for $6.50. Standard price for gelato. I’d prefer the cherry sorbet rather than the gelato, or maybe i just picked wrong flavor. Ciao!