Outback Jack’s 

Speaking of ribs most Australians must refer to Outback Steakhouse or Hurricane, but sometime we just want to try another resto to compare plus and minus. Since i never tried Hurricane, i’d try to compare with the famous Outback Steakhouse (they even have branches on my country, Indonesia). 

This newly open steakhouse is located on Wollongong Central mall, in the middle between Max Brenner and Kinn Thai. It would be easy if you reach this place from Keira Street cause their entrace door face off the street. All i knew they just established within 4-5 months. Their interior is neat and modern and have large dine in area. Probably their target market is for family gathering or social function.

As usual if me and hubby went to steakhouse like this, we used to order combo package. Why? Cause we can get varieties of meat with affordable price. Lol! So we ordered combo steak&ribs for $39.95 include some chips and salad.  For me, steak too dry yes that was my hubby request to have well done but it’s really dry. Ribs ok but not wowing me, they dont put plenty sauce like other steakhouses, additional sauce will be given at cost. Coleslaw is plain, apparently they not put much dressing.

For ribs better i’d go for Outback. Anyway the plus about this steakhouse is they sell crocodile steak and skewers, which it’s way unique since none (at least so far i went to steakhouse) sell this meat. Probably i’m gonna try next time. Ciao! 

Chester White Cured Diner 

One bucket list checked! Been so long i was curious with this resto which located in 3 Orwell Street, Potts Point Sydney after watched a video on my friend’s sister’s instagram about pasta which swirled on giant bowl pecorino cheese. So last week, me and hubby paid a visit to give it try. 

I was a bit surprised since this resto not as big as i imagined, it’s small maybe just for 15-20 patrons. And our mistaken was we didnt make any reservation in advance so we had to wait almost 1 hour. 

As it is small resto they dont serve lots menu either, it’s only several Italian food and their speciality on cured meats. But it doesnt matter as i’m just focus on pasta on big giant cheese *wink* And according to my observation that pasta is one of favorite menu here since several tables have it. 

So this is it! Truffle Cacio e Pepe ($22), so it was pasta with garlic, olive oil, black pepper, chives, parsley and permesan cheese all mixed together on giant pecorino cheese bowl. Actually it’s simple dish with simple spices i even can make it at home, but the bomb is pecorino, make it tastier. It’s so cheesy. 

My hubby was ordered Organic Lamb Shoulder ($19) and additional bread (forgot the price). He said lamb was yum either. 

All include sparkling water cost us around $52. I was very satisfied, cause what we got is what we expected. Ciao!


Food is one of the huge issue of Asians who lived in western country. Moreover not all restos have authentic taste like it should be. Where you are in Australia, and want have some Melayu dish you never go wrong to step your feet here! PappaRich is Malaysian chain resto which has many branches all over Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Last week i had my lunch on their Westfield Parramata branch. It’s not located exactly inside the mall, just go outside the mall and walk down to Argyle street. It situated up front of Parramata train station. 
When i was there it’s almost 3pm but resto still packed, mostly the patrons are Asians. Probably because this place always packed, so the order system also quite different. There will be some papers with food list and some pencils, we have to list what we order just by using code on the menu. Then pushed the button which always be on every table, waiter will come and pick your order. 

Cause me and hubby would like to go for dinner at 6 on the other resto so we just had quick and light meals. Hubby ordered Pappa French Toast with Butter ($7.90). It taste like any other french toast, but what make it different probably because they using big loaf bread which you can always find on kopitiam. 

I was ordered two kind of breads. One was Hainan toasted bread with butter and kaya ($5.50) and Garlic naan and curry ($7.90). Toasted bread with kaya was good but i dont know why i’d prefer kaya toast on Ya Kun Kaya Toast chain in Jakarta rather than here, it felt like the kaya jam less its fragrance and only tasted sweet. 

Garlic naan and curry taste much better. I like the crisp naan went well with rich curry flavor. Basically Malaysian curry has similar taste like Indonesian curry so it’s safe for those who cant eat strong curry like Indian style. 

For drinks we ordered, Iced Pappa Mocha ($4.90) for hubby and Iced Teh C Special ($4.90) for me. I dont know what make my teh c special compare with regular one cause it tastes same. But when it comes to kopitiam i always go with teh tarik. 

So if you’re looking halal food and remind you with Asian home cooking food, PappaRich is best answer. Ciao! 

Spanish Doughnut

It gonna be short review since i was here long time ago and forgot about the details and price. I found this sweettooth counter in Westfield Parramata (outside foodcourt area, forgot which level). 

I was interested because it’s quite unique, if churros (Spanish doughnut) commonly serve with dipping sauce (dark choco or caramel) but in here they make churros with filling and/or topping. The short and bulky one use to churros with filling while the thin and long one is churros with any kind of toppings. It has lots of varieties.

I bought churros with topping, one choco and one cookies and cream which cost me $2.95 each. I dont know is it because the curros was dipped on topping sauce or not but i dont like the texture, it’s a bit gooey and hard. I dont have idea if churros with filling has same texture like it is or not. 

But if anyone ask me to choose which one i like, i’d go regular churros with dipping sauce. At least the texture not as hard as that. Ciao! 

Illnara Korean BBQ

Hola! I’m back at Straya and as usual when here the reviews will be in English. First review is one of (or probably one and only) Korean Restaurant in Wollongong. I never found Korean resto during my stay in here unlike Japanese or any other Asian restos. Illnara itself located in 159 Crown Street, Wollongong not far from Wollongong Central. 

This newly open provide BBQ Korean, any kind of noodles (such Jajangmyeon or Ramyeun) and also Chic-Mac (it’s typically Korean fried chicken for beer companion). They also serve banchan at no cost and refillable.

Cause me and hubby looking for lunch so we decide to order B Package Korean BBQ which cost us $53 and this package consist of pork ribs, pork belly and marinated pork steak. These stuff came with a bucket of green stuff and 2 bowls of rice for companion. Like in other Korean BBQ resto we can grill our meats by ourselves as on tables they provide grilling stove.

Overall the meats were good as we grilled our meats so we can measure how cook and juicy the meats we want. If i’m craving for Korean bbq at least i know where to go. Ciao! 

Strawberry Fields

Last but not least review dari rangkaian jalan-jalan Gadisrakus di Bali adalah Strawberry Fields, restoran yang berlokasi di Jl. Batu Belig no.79, Canggu. Padahal nemu resto ini gak sengaja gegaranya justru mau ke resto di sebelahnya tapi kok pas udah sampe TKP itu resto kayak gak ada tanda-tanda kehidupan, terus pas liat sebelahnya eh kok kayak lucu. Jadi pintu masuknya kayak reruntuhan tembok yang dipenuhi lumut, terus dalemnya kayak rimbun gitu. Ucul juga, cus lah masup ke dalem.

Sebenernya aneh juga sih ni resto namanya Strawberry Field secara makanan yang dijual gak ada berbau-bau strawberrynya, yang dijual sih ya mostly western food dengan spesialisasi di menu breakfast. Interior dalemnya sih ya oke juga cukup rimbun, terus temanya semi-semi gothic dan vintage gitu. 

Karena udah masuk jam makan siang so saya memutuskan untuk langsung menu berat aja, Chia Seed Tuna Steak (90k) yaitu tuna steak yang dilapisi chia seed sebagai crusty effectnya, saya minta dipanggang medium well jadi gak terlalu kering. Tunanya cukup enak, sedikit amis khas tuna sih tapi gak terlalu annoying, cukup bisa dinikmati. Disajikan dengan saus salsa dan salad. 

Buat side dishnya saya memesan Poutin (40k), yaitu kentang dengan taburan gravy dan mozzarella. Kentang gorengnya enak dipotong shoe strings gitu jadi emang biar ada efek renyahnya, gravynys juga enak gak terlalu asin. Oiya poutinnya ini big serve ya, mungkin bisa dibagi dua kalo saya mah sendiri juga abis enak soalnya 😁

Saya juga memesan ginger tea (25k) yang enak banget soalnya disajikan dengan madu+lemon, btw teh di sini loose leaves gitu ya bukan pakai tea bag jadi diseduh langsung, plus pesen iced cappuccino (25k) juga. 

So kalo kamu lagi ada di sekitaran Batu Belig dan cari tempat makan mungkin tempat ini bisa jadi pilihan. Ciao! 


Toiro mungkin masih asing di telinga para foodies, karena ya resto ini emang pemain baru di dunia kuliner, lebih tepatnya kuliner bernama “wagashi” alias cemilan manis tradisional khas Jepang. Saya aja yang pernah ke Jepang malah baru tau ada cemilan namanya wagashi, saya taunya mochi sama taiyaki doang. Anyway, mungkin Toiro ini bisa dibilang satu-satunya resto/cafe yang khusus jualan wagashi di Bali. Kata pelayannya sih mereka buka setahun yang lalu, yang punya orang Jepang asli. 
Lokasi Toiro ini ada di Jl. Batu Belig No.2, Kerobokan. 

Cafenya sih simple ya dan berkonsep outdoor, terus ditata ala taman di Jepang gitu. Kalau gak salah Toiro ini selain menjual wagashi juga menjual set menu masakan Jepang gitu, tapi gak banyak variasinya. Kayak cuma sekedar tambahan aja gitu. 

Karena saya penasaran sama wagashinya saya ya pesannya itu aja, dan cobain aneka jenisnya. Yang pertama saya pesen Bali Sunset (20k), emang yah orang Jepang itu terkenal dengan rasa estetikanya yang tinggi. Ini padahal cuma ager-ager lho, tapi dia bisa bikin ombre gini warnanya. Btw ini rasanya kopi, terus yang kayak buletan putih yang seolah-olah mataharinya itu terbuat dari white beans paste. Saya sih suka yang ini karena ga terlalu manis.

Terus yang kedua saya memesan New Wave (20k), ini juga sama ager-ager juga tapi tengahnya yang putih berbentuk (seolah-olah) kayak awan itu kayak ketan. Kalau yang ini saya kurang suka karena terlalu manis. 

Yang ketiga saya memesan Winding (25k), ini sih bentuknya kurang jelas ya tapi kayak ada hiasan bunga sakuranya gitu. Ini white beans paste (kalo dari rasanya sih sejenis kedelai gitu yah) terus dalemannya chocolate paste. Ini sih lumayan tapi ogut kurang suka karena rasanya terlalu berat. 

Yang keempat pesen Jewel (20k), dari semua varian wagashi saya paling suka yang ini karena memiliki berbagai macam rasa dan terasa ringan. Yang saya makan di tempat ini rasa rapsberry, tapi di luar itu saya memesan rasa mango dan peach juga buat dibawa pulang. Jadi luarnya itu kayak jelly tapi dalemnya mousse. Kalau pesen yang ini yang rasa buah aja jadi lumayan seger dan gak eneg. 

Buat minumannya saya memesan signature drink mereka Toiro Matcha (38k), ini kayak minuman matcha biasa karena saya pesen yang iced jadi dikasih es batu yang juga terbuat dari cairan matcha dibekuin. Ini rasa matchanya pekat banget yah, saya sih suka. Uniknya minuman ini disajikan di gelas wine. 

Kalau ingin pengalaman baru di dunia kuliner, cus cobain wagashi ini. Ciao!