Shalom Indonesian Restaurant – Sydney

Hi happy new year everyone! Been long time not updating my blog, so sorry cause i have many things to do here before back to my homecountry this month. 

So it started when i was craved for Indonesian cuisine, yeah apparently quote “eat like a local” doesnt fit in me. Cause wherever whenever i always craving Indonesian food (except when I was in Japan 😝). And i asked hubby if he want to drive me to Indonesian restaurant on Kingsford. He said yes. Yeay! If you are newbie in Sydney or just traveling for long time and craving for Indonesian food i suggest you to go to Kingsford and Kensington area, it’s all about Indonesian and Asian thingy. No wonder cause this area close to Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Maroubra and close to UNSW (University of New South Wales) which there lots of Asian students! So i chose Shalom Indonesian Restaurant since i heard they have the most spiciest chili sambal! 

So its place exactly located in 2/458 Anzac Parade, Kingsford. Better you take route from Central rather than from Randwick so you dont need to turn around. Cause it’s on the left side. The place not really big and always packed not only in lunch/dinner time. Like other restaurants in this area, we should pay our orders first than they would sent them to your table later. 

First was my order for entree, batagor ($5). I was dissapointed cause all i know batagor originally means bakso tahu goreng (fried tofu filled with minced meat or sometimes fried dumpling filled with minced fish) with peanut sauce. But in here, what i got was only fried diced-cut tofu with peanut sauce 😔 

Second was Bakso Kuah ($6) as hubby’s entree. It’s definitely nothing special as i could make them in the house. 

Third was Sate Ayam ($12), there 5 sticks per portion including selected rice or rice cake (lontong). Hubby said it’s good. As he’s big fan of sate ayam. 

And last but not least my order which made my day, Empal Penyet ala Shalom ($10). Empal is Indonesian steak, fried beef marinated with sort of Indonesian spices and they pour hottes chilli sauce ever! I mean it! I’m the biggest fan of chillies. If you loved spicy food just go for it. The empal also very good, it’s very tender and juicy, with savory sweet hints. 

I also bought their Martabak (Indonesian pancake) for $8 for snack. It was good even i had put them on fridge overnight. All include coke and teh botol was $48.93. They also served free water. Would be back again to Shalom. Ciao! 


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