KOI Dessert Bar – Sydney

After got lunch from Spice Alley, me and my friend went to KOI Dessert Bar which the location only walking distance. So, Spice Alley, KOI and Concrete Jungle basically is on same area. 

I interested with this dessert bar cause this cafe is owned by Indonesian born Australia chef, Reynold Poernomo who also Australian Masterchef finalist, and also Indonesian Masterchef’s judge and celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo’s brother. The cafe itself has modern and sleek design like any other hippiest cafe in town. 

They served plating dessert (a la carte or dessert set menu) and individual dessert (cake slice etc). I was interested with their plating dessert but unfortunately it only available after 6pm while when i was there it only 4pm. So me and my friend decide to have individual dessert. 

First dessert was Pannacota ($12) i like it, it’s a bit tangy and not too sweet, assorted fruits as topping make it more freshen. 

Second dessert was Moss ($15) it’s jar version of same plating dessert i’d like to order but they said it only available after 6pm ๐Ÿ˜… it’s like a mousse on top of green tea biscuit crumbled and layered again with same biscuit. It’s very creamy and less sweet. We both love it. 

Third was something chocolaty dessert ($9) it’s chocolate cake with cream and coated with chocolate melted. I like it too because not too sweet and dark chocolate is very rich and bold. 

Still curious about their plating dessert but i’m not sure will come back. 

Spice Alley – Sydney

Two weeks ago i met my ex college friend who been living here for 7 years, we used to meet when she’s not busy. She recommend me this place which situated in Kensington street, Chippendale, Sydney (just across the Concrete Jungle i’ve reviewed before). So Spice Alley is basically like a foodcourt but the stalls mostly sell out Asian street food. It has wide varieties of food, from Melayu/Peranakan to Korean food, from Thai food to Japanese food. Even it’s not really authentic anyway, but it’s best place if you craving some Asian food but cant decide where to go. 

Cause we gonna try another place, so me and my friend just order lunch from Alex Kitchen. They sells peranakan food ( Malaysia/Singapore dishes). I was ordered Nasi Rendang ($14) for that price beef rendang is given generously. Beef is succulent and chewyable. Even they cooked rendang in Malaysian style (Indonesia has similar rendang but the spices are different), but it has strong flavor and very delish. 

While my friend was ordered Roti Canai ($7) it’s Indian bread served with curry. She actually also ordered fried kwetiao from stall next door but i forgot to take picture. 

Next time i’m gonna re-visit and explore other stalls. Ciao! 

The Rabbit Hole – Barangaroo

Forgive me cause i’m really shallow minded person, cause i often come to a cafe or two with the reason “i like the plating”, “the food so instagram material” and other shallow reasons lol And this is the reason why i pay a visit The Rabbit Hole, which located in Shop 1, 23 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney. It’s blocks away from Bourke Street Bakery i’ve ever reviewed before. 

It’s small tea shop anyway, aside serving organic tea they also sell coffee, spices latte (i.e turmeric, ginger etc), healthy food, detox water, and their signature lavender shortbread. 

I ordered turmeric latte ($6) cause curious about its taste. In my country and most of Asian country we do turmeric just for cooking or making traditional herbal drink, i think turmeric latte is a brilliant idea. I could taste turmeric on its foam, but the latte itself taste like chai latte on my opinion. But it’s good to drink it on cold weather cause give you warm sensation automatically. 

I also bought their signature lavender shortbreads home ($5.50 each), taste so-so. I more like shortbread without glazy. 


Devon Cafe Barangaroo – Sydney

Yeah it’s same with Devon Cafe Surry Hills, the difference only on the menu. Not all menu in Devon Barangaroo available in Surry Hills, one of them is DD Special. 

DD Special ($15) is basically hot chips served with soft iced cream. Actually i knew this idea since i was high school after a friend of mine taught me to eat Maccas soft iced cream with fries. Some friends thought i was weird, but see? Now this idea even exist in Australian cafe lol. There 2 flavors you can choose, green tea and taro or just twist both of them. I chose twist flavor, either the green tea and taro have strong flavor, so both have bold flavor. 

For additional i order Ebi Katsu Sandwich ($17) and extra fries ($4). Sandwich taste good, i liked the combination between crunchiness from ebi katsu and creaminess from coleslaw, fries also seasoned with cajun powder so it’s not boring. This menu also available in Devon Surry Hills. 

One thing i noticed, Devon Barangaroo more pricey than Devon Surry Hills. But it doesnt really matters as long their food taste good. Ciao! 

Concrete Jungle – Sydney

Tried new breakfast joint in Chippendale, Sydney two weeks ago. Honestly i came here cause interested with its pretty plating after seen it in my fellow foodie’s instagram. The area a bit confused me cause i’m not familiar with Chippendale area, location itself is on 58 Kensington street, Chippendale, easier if you reach this place from Central Park cause only blocks away. And it’s exactly across to KOI Dessert Bar/Spice Alley. 

The dining area itself not really big with modern and sleek interior, you can choose whethere have it in indoor or outdoor. 

Cause i came in the morning (just right after they opened the cafe lol) so i order light meals for brekky, it’s Blue Mejyk ($17.50) a bowl of banana smoothie with blueberry and granola. Its plating is very instagram material, if you’re instagram freak like me you’d be like it. Overall taste is good, it served cold, unfortunately granola not really crunchy. But still enjoyable. 


Black Star Pastry – Sydney

Finally i tried the most instagrammed cake ever, and this cake also one of the best cake you should try at least once. I knew this place from an article, then i started to browse on Zomato about this place. Black Star actually have several branches, but i tried the one in The Galleries level 2, 500 George st, Sydney. It take place in Kinokuniya bookstore and only small booth with several tables. But, the place is very very packed! And mostly the patrons came only for to try the famous watermelon cake! 

This is it! Watermelon cake ($8) a bit expensive for small bites cake like this. But it’s quite unique, so there’s watermelon in every layer, and fresh strawberries on the top. Pretty presentation and taste good, it’s so freshen up in mouth. But cause i’m not big fan of cakes, at least i’ve been tried once ๐Ÿ˜š Ciao! 

Thanon Khaosan – Sydney

Curious about this place cause saw it on my friend’s instagram. So after had breaky in Haven, i went here for lunch ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanon Khaosan is located in the middle hustle bustle Sydney CBD, which in 413 Pitt Street, Chinatown, Sydney. Actually i was interested about this place cause they have dessert stall in front of their resto with wide selection of Thai dessert and snack. But cause i was came too early so everything wasnt ready, dissapointed. 

But show must go on, so i decided to have lunch here. I ordered Pad Thai ($11.90) and Fish Cake ($8). Before, i always got disappointment when order Pad Thai here, cause mostly they already modified the recipe to adjust local taste since caucasians cant take spicy food so they made it sweet all the way. But here is different, the Pad Thai is one of the best i’ve tried during my stay in Australia almost 1 year. It’s very authentic, you could taste complex yet balance Pad Thai should be like. Request extra spicy, and it really kicked. 

For fish cake, nothing special like any other fish cake. But it’s ok lah for appetizer. 

I shall return to this place for dessert stall. Ciao!