Chong Co Thai – Shellharbour 

Last review comes from Chong Co Thai which located in Stockland Shellharbour, NSW. I came here for lunch with husband. The restaurant quite fancy and have spacious dining area but it was empty when we were there, and the price is wise not really expensive. I figured it out later why it’s empty.

When we came, the girl (without glasses and has long hair) who was the wait staff was very unfriendly, i didnt know what’s wrong with her maybe just not in the mood or shes hungry, served us without smile and look lazy. Maybe thats why the resto is empty. Nowadays in hospitality business, fancy resto with good food is not enough 😔 Business owner should training their employees how to greet and serve customer well. 

Back to our food, we ordered Nest Crab and Prawns Springrolls ($10.90) for entree. Nest springrolls look like the one we had in Kinn Thai Wollongong. It came 5pcs. 

Then for mains, I ordered Seafood Tom Yum ($10.90) with rice ($3), it came in small portion cause it used to eat as entry. But i was craved for spicy food that time while on mains menu there’s no spicy food i want. Tom Yum tasted good, the broth was very thick, and i could taste all the spices they use (they not used tom yum paste, but spices/herbs like lemongrass, chilli paste and keffir leaves) which is good, and it contains mushroom and prawns. 

My husband ordered Beef with Black Bean Sauce ($17.90) with rice ($3), he said the food was a bit salty, that’s because they put too much oyster sauce. He even couldnt finish them all. 

Food not bad, price wise, good place to eat, but not the waitress. She should have got training how to handle customers even when in not in the mood, cause they sell service imho ciao! 


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