White Rabbit – Sydney 

Second brekky i had in White Rabbit, yes second after got brekky in The Q on Harris 😂 I knew this place from social media moreover their social media specialist oftenly liked my instagram. 

White Rabbit is located in 28-34 O’Connell st, Sydney CBD. It’s located among skycrappers building and lot executives had breakfast there. At first, i felt i was in wrong place, cause only me worn sneakers that time lol 

The dining room quite spacious whether outside or inside, they even have a bar on the middle. Cause i was there still on brunch time so i manage to order brekky menu. Unlike other coffee shop or breakfast place, for me their menu so heavy to be called as breakfast. It’s actually different with what on zomato. 

I ordered pork belly with white beans and chorizo ($18), it served with a toast baguette. It basically white beans cooked in tomato paste which taste a bit sweet, with chorizo and 2 pcs of fried pork belly and 2 pcs poached eggs. IMO, taste is average. Not wowing me at all, something you gonna forget after finish em all. 

For drink i just ordered green tea in small green tea pot. Green tea taste like earl grey, i thought they put wrong tea on it. And the blonde waitress who sent it to my table look careless and put in on my table roughly, maybe cause i was the only who worn sneakers at that place among the executives, who knows. 

I’m not impressed at all. Average food with average service. Even the fine dine 12-Micron waitress and waiters treat me better even i didnt look rich. Ciao! 


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