The Q on Harris – Sydney 

The hardest part of blogging is against the laziness, but because i had to finish it before going back to write my blog in Indonesian language (cause i’m going back to my country a while – several months – not for good) so i pushed myself to finish it. These are from my last week culinary trip. First review is come from The Q on Harris. Been heard about this place for so long but just had chance to visit it. It’s located in 597 Harris St, Ultimo, across to Powerhouse Museum to be exact. 

I came there for brekky, the place not so pack unlike other coffee shop around. Actually they well-known with their signature matcha cheese cake. But that just because i wasnt in the mood of having sweet tooth, so ordered House Smoked Salmon Tartine ($17). We could chose whether served in Japanese bread or sourdough. Aside salmon and some lettuce, they also served this menu with some oranges and onions. Oranges made it more freshen to balance the salmon. Even i still hungry after had this meals, but I satisfied enough. 

For drink i just ordered Cappucino ($5), nothing to say about the coffee cause i’m not coffee expert. But just like Aussies coffee shop, it’s pretty dense and thick. 



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