La Floraison – Sydney 

I knew this place from my fellow foodies Instagram and interested cause they have customized printed coffee. Like its name, La Floraison, this cute cafe also has flowers concept. Flowers are everywhere even on the ceiling. It’s so girly. This place is situated also on Regent Place Arcade, Level 9. You can take lift up here. 

Aside offer printed coffee they also sell any kind of 3D art jelly. I tried one, it cost me $10. I know it’s expensive for a small jelly like this, but maybe the making process isnt simple as we thought. The jelly taste so good, not only sweet, i could taste like sweet coconut milk on it. Better than the raindrop pudding lol

And also I ordered customized printed coffee for $5, i request name “gadis rakus” as my blog and instagram name. Firstly i was afraid the word is too long and not fit in, then i asked the barista to make it 2 rows. Then, this is it! 

I dont know they sell another food or dessert or not, cause from the first time i came here i just focus to the printed coffee and 3D art jelly. Ciao! 


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