Chicken Confidential – Sydney 

From White Rabbit i moved to Chicken Confidential which located in Level 1, Chifley Plaza, Sydney CBD. Actually i bought scoopon voucher and i just dont want wasted another money after lost my Los Vidas voucher cause i was too lazy to move my ass out. 

So the rumour was this burger joint is owned by well-known Australian chef Luke Mangan. Even in my country, his fine dine resto is very popular. Nothing fancy about this place compare with other Luke Mangan’s restaurant. It only located in foodcourt with grab n go concept. 

I bought $9 voucher for $14 value, and because their burger price is about $13-$14 so the voucher can be used for burger only. If wanna have add-on (fries and soft drink) just added another $6. I ordered their signature burger which was Gangnam Style Burger, i thought this at least would be like Kim Got Beef i had in Smoking Gun Bagel, but the reality it wasnt. My burger consist of crispy chicken with sweet carrot pickles. I didnt find the ‘gangnam style’ flavor moreover they claimed it has kimchi over the burger. But i couldnt taste it. So for me, it’s failed, sorry 😔


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