Kusuka – Sydney 

Dont distracted by its name cause it’s not Japanese phrase anyway, Kusuka is newly opened Indonesian cafe located close to Central station, in Bijou Lane (near Satang Thai) to be exact. Kusuka means “me likey”, the concept adopted roppang cafe which currently happening in Jakarta sell indomi (instant noodles like the famous Malaysia Maggy noodles), rice bowl and toast with varities of topping. And it use to be hangout place and open 24 hours a day. 

I’ve got chance to meet the owner, an Australian husband and Indonesian wifey, they informed me which one favorite menu on the cafe. It’s my first order, fried Indomi with pork belly and sambal matah (Balinese chilli sauce) topping ($8). I liked how they cooked the pork belly, it’s very crispy and matched with the sambal and indomi. Aside them, indomi also came with fried egg, caisim, and sautéed mushroom. Not really fulfilling, but maybe next time they can consider to provide double or one a half portion. 

Second dish was Sate Taichan ($7) – if extra rice add another $2. Sate taichan is currently a trend in Jakarta. Basically it just chicken skewers (marinated only with salt and lemon) and served with bloody hot chilli sambal. I reckon they succeed to make sate taichan like it should be, it was very very spicy. This menu designed for Indonesians only who really love spicy food, dont you dare to try if you cant stand with chillies! 

And for drink I ordered es kelapa muda (young coconut water) for $5. It served like the one in Indonesia, with cocopandan syrup. 

Food and drink is very cheap (compare with another restaurant around Sydney CBD), dining place a bit small probably you would bump each other when the place getting a bit pack. They said starting next week they’ll open from 8am to 10pm everyday. Ciao!


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