Dessert Kitchen – Sydney

Been interested with this place long time ago after I passed it down after had dinner in Wagaya which located just next to Dessert Kitchen. But i rarely has errands around, so last week when i should met my friend in Market City i decided to come here. 

Dessert Kitchen is typical Taiwanese dessert cafe, but they have special drink which is hot chocolate with cat/bear s’more that you can put on top so it gonna be like 3D latte (but it’s not), and it’s so cute and very instagram material. Thats the reason why i came here for 😁

But unfortunately for this drink i should wait almost 30 mins, their reason hot chocolate was sold out and they should make it again 😅 i think everyone can make hot chocolate, even in Max Brenner you dont need to wait an half hour just for it. Anyway this chocolate cost me $6.50. 

And for dessert i just ordered Raindrop Pudding ($8), been curious about this dessert. Buf for my liking i dont like it, it taste sooo average. Raindrop pudding basically just transparent jelly without any essence or flavor, just sweet. And it used to serve with assorted topping. Not my cup of tea. Sorry 😐 



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