Cafe Kentaro – Sydney 

Apparently western cafe with Japanese twist is a trend lately, one of them is Cafe Kentaro which located in 616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. It’s not in main road, and situated among housing, but it’s very famous and crowded, when i was there i should sharing my table with other patrons. 

First order was Matcha French Toast ($16) cause i tempted with its plating 😝 it consist of 3 chuncks of matcha brioche with matcha sauce, matcha cream, berries and caramel almonds crumble. Taste nice, but my opinion they better served the toast with matcha ice cream rather than matcha whipped cream. 

Second order was Matcha Cream Puff ($6.50) it’s expensive for a small choux with big dollop of matcha cream. Choux skin also a bit hard and dry not softy like fresh choux skin. 

For drink i was order Hojicha Tea ($4.20) actually i was order for green tea latte but the waitress took wrong order. And i didnt notice until i paid the bill, cause yeah the taste not significantly different with green tea latte. Lol 



  1. THATS french toast? I thought it was 2 big pieces of steak! haha…I love Sydney and Surry hills..will definitely check this place out later. Happy blogging.

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