Aqua S – Sydney 

Actually i’m not really curious about this place even i bookmarked it on Zomato. Then last Saturday i had errand to be done on Pitt St, so i decided to pay this place a visit since the distance not really far. Aqua S is located in Shop 27, Regent Place Arcade,  George Street, Sydney. It’s located just across Chanoma Cafe which currenly also very popular with matcha dessert. 

I just tried their signature ice cream, Sea Salt ice cream with fairy floss cost me $5.50, very cheap. Never had sea salt ice cream before, it tasted a lil bit funny, between sweet and salty but it’s very creamy like Maccas ice cream. 

If you’re around just try it! Ciao! 



    • Ice cream not really sweet, it’s combination sweet and salty as it’s sea caramel. Probably to make it balanced with the topping (fairy floss, caramel pop corn, etc)

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