The Rabbit Hole – Barangaroo

Forgive me cause i’m really shallow minded person, cause i often come to a cafe or two with the reason “i like the plating”, “the food so instagram material” and other shallow reasons lol And this is the reason why i pay a visit The Rabbit Hole, which located in Shop 1, 23 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney. It’s blocks away from Bourke Street Bakery i’ve ever reviewed before. 

It’s small tea shop anyway, aside serving organic tea they also sell coffee, spices latte (i.e turmeric, ginger etc), healthy food, detox water, and their signature lavender shortbread. 

I ordered turmeric latte ($6) cause curious about its taste. In my country and most of Asian country we do turmeric just for cooking or making traditional herbal drink, i think turmeric latte is a brilliant idea. I could taste turmeric on its foam, but the latte itself taste like chai latte on my opinion. But it’s good to drink it on cold weather cause give you warm sensation automatically. 

I also bought their signature lavender shortbreads home ($5.50 each), taste so-so. I more like shortbread without glazy. 



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