Spice Alley – Sydney

Two weeks ago i met my ex college friend who been living here for 7 years, we used to meet when she’s not busy. She recommend me this place which situated in Kensington street, Chippendale, Sydney (just across the Concrete Jungle i’ve reviewed before). So Spice Alley is basically like a foodcourt but the stalls mostly sell out Asian street food. It has wide varieties of food, from Melayu/Peranakan to Korean food, from Thai food to Japanese food. Even it’s not really authentic anyway, but it’s best place if you craving some Asian food but cant decide where to go. 

Cause we gonna try another place, so me and my friend just order lunch from Alex Kitchen. They sells peranakan food ( Malaysia/Singapore dishes). I was ordered Nasi Rendang ($14) for that price beef rendang is given generously. Beef is succulent and chewyable. Even they cooked rendang in Malaysian style (Indonesia has similar rendang but the spices are different), but it has strong flavor and very delish. 

While my friend was ordered Roti Canai ($7) it’s Indian bread served with curry. She actually also ordered fried kwetiao from stall next door but i forgot to take picture. 

Next time i’m gonna re-visit and explore other stalls. Ciao! 


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