KOI Dessert Bar – Sydney

After got lunch from Spice Alley, me and my friend went to KOI Dessert Bar which the location only walking distance. So, Spice Alley, KOI and Concrete Jungle basically is on same area. 

I interested with this dessert bar cause this cafe is owned by Indonesian born Australia chef, Reynold Poernomo who also Australian Masterchef finalist, and also Indonesian Masterchef’s judge and celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo’s brother. The cafe itself has modern and sleek design like any other hippiest cafe in town. 

They served plating dessert (a la carte or dessert set menu) and individual dessert (cake slice etc). I was interested with their plating dessert but unfortunately it only available after 6pm while when i was there it only 4pm. So me and my friend decide to have individual dessert. 

First dessert was Pannacota ($12) i like it, it’s a bit tangy and not too sweet, assorted fruits as topping make it more freshen. 

Second dessert was Moss ($15) it’s jar version of same plating dessert i’d like to order but they said it only available after 6pm 😅 it’s like a mousse on top of green tea biscuit crumbled and layered again with same biscuit. It’s very creamy and less sweet. We both love it. 

Third was something chocolaty dessert ($9) it’s chocolate cake with cream and coated with chocolate melted. I like it too because not too sweet and dark chocolate is very rich and bold. 

Still curious about their plating dessert but i’m not sure will come back. 


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