Devon Cafe Barangaroo – Sydney

Yeah it’s same with Devon Cafe Surry Hills, the difference only on the menu. Not all menu in Devon Barangaroo available in Surry Hills, one of them is DD Special. 

DD Special ($15) is basically hot chips served with soft iced cream. Actually i knew this idea since i was high school after a friend of mine taught me to eat Maccas soft iced cream with fries. Some friends thought i was weird, but see? Now this idea even exist in Australian cafe lol. There 2 flavors you can choose, green tea and taro or just twist both of them. I chose twist flavor, either the green tea and taro have strong flavor, so both have bold flavor. 

For additional i order Ebi Katsu Sandwich ($17) and extra fries ($4). Sandwich taste good, i liked the combination between crunchiness from ebi katsu and creaminess from coleslaw, fries also seasoned with cajun powder so it’s not boring. This menu also available in Devon Surry Hills. 

One thing i noticed, Devon Barangaroo more pricey than Devon Surry Hills. But it doesnt really matters as long their food taste good. Ciao! 


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