Cuppa Flower – Sydney

Seen my Sydney fellow foodie’s instagram about this place cause they have signature totoro cake. Honestly i didnt have idea what totoro is (never heard and never knew) but this creature is really cute. So after had breakky on Cuckoo Callay i went here, Cuppa Flower is located in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, Sydney. 

As its name Cuppa Flower, this cafe has garden theme, flower, green plants everywhere with modern touch either. If you visit on weekend (dont know if on weekdays is same), dont forget to write down your name on waiting list cause they will count you take away if you dont get table like my experience. I dont know about the system, cause none tell me at first place, so after long queue, the guy on cashier says i just can take away my order cause i dont have table 😤

Unfortunately when i was there the totoro cake was sold out, so i just bought the swiss-roll version of totoro cake. Still cuteness overload tho. It cost me $4.5 each and available on 2 flavors; green tea and taro. 

For additional i ordered chia seed pudding (forgot its price), this my first time had chia seed pudding i thought it gonna be like jelly but it’s not, it was like overnight oat lol but no worries cause i like it. 

And for drink, i ordered green tea latte (forgot its price), it’s taste good. Green tea flavor not really bold but still could taste its flavor. And not too sweet either. 



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