Concrete Jungle – Sydney

Tried new breakfast joint in Chippendale, Sydney two weeks ago. Honestly i came here cause interested with its pretty plating after seen it in my fellow foodie’s instagram. The area a bit confused me cause i’m not familiar with Chippendale area, location itself is on 58 Kensington street, Chippendale, easier if you reach this place from Central Park cause only blocks away. And it’s exactly across to KOI Dessert Bar/Spice Alley. 

The dining area itself not really big with modern and sleek interior, you can choose whethere have it in indoor or outdoor. 

Cause i came in the morning (just right after they opened the cafe lol) so i order light meals for brekky, it’s Blue Mejyk ($17.50) a bowl of banana smoothie with blueberry and granola. Its plating is very instagram material, if you’re instagram freak like me you’d be like it. Overall taste is good, it served cold, unfortunately granola not really crunchy. But still enjoyable. 



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