12-Micron – Sydney 

Last but not least restaurant i tried this week is 12-Micron, located in Level 2, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney, this resto exactly located behind PwC building. They got clear signage, dont worry you wont be lost. 

I think this resto is like any other casual cafe or resto in Barangaroo area, but i might be wrong. It’s a high class/fine dining restaurant, everyone came here very dress up and well-groomed except me lol. But what i like about this resto they dont discriminate, their service was excellent. Price dont lie lol 

Actually i came here for dessert, but i dont know why i feel like hypnotized, so i ordered main course, duck with beetroot, macadamia and alpine peppers ($38). Probably this resto only suit for Australian not me, cause i dont like the duck. It cooked medium well (you can see the meat still red) and no seasoning, so it’s plain. One and only can help only the demi-glace, and the beetroot ugh! I dont know why some people really like beetroot, it taste like soil *oops sorry*. If you Australian or Caucasian maybe you gonna like this food, but sorry my Asian tongue much prefer food with bold seasoning. 

For dessert I ordered Cherry Blossom ($17), it contained cake, miso caramel, cherry and chocolate. Pretty presentation and taste good, liked the combination of its texture and overall taste. 




  1. Food looks pretty and is close to where I usually stay. Might have to give this place a try. Thanks for sharing and happy blogging!

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