Haven – Sydney 

Another Surry Hills most instagrammed cafe to try, yep i’m speaking about Haven. I knew this place also from my fellow Sydney foodies instagram. This place just situated on 30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills. A block away from Devon Cafe. It exactly located across the South Concord exit of Central station. 

I came around 8am and the place not really packed only some tables occupied, mostly they grab n go the coffee. Right after when i sat down, the waiter (who his face like Japanese) gave me a bottle of mineral water with…wait whats that the black stuff on the bottle. Oh okay so it’s alkaline water, and the black stuff is white charcoal from Wakayama Japan so it’ll purified the water. They even sell it separately if you want to take home. 

For breakfast cause i was so curious with their hongkong waffle so go for it. Actually i’ve ever been tasted original Hongkong egg waffle on its country, but Haven bring this street food to the next level, with pretty presentation and creativity.  My order, The Last Bit of Summer ($16.50) is very good, i liked how they combine egg waffles and all the elements on the plate. Sweet, sour, bitter from dark choco all went well. 

For drink i go for tea, cause i wasnt in the mood for coffee. They have various tea mocktail, i was ordered Dragon Breath ($9) it’s green tea with apple. Its taste very refreshing and light. 

Still curious about their kimchi egg waffle probably will try next time. Ciao!


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