Milk The Cow – Melbourne

Well-known as wine and dairy producers, it’s common plenty restos or cafes in Australia offer wine and cheese tasting experience. Usually cheese and wine (sometime they serve with cured meat either) served as snacking or appetizer only. 

Before we arrived in Melbourne, i already curious with this resto next to my apartment. I never had wine and cheese tasting before so it’s my first experience. This place seem popular cause everyday and night always pack. Likely, wine and cheese is a part of Melbournian’s lifestyle. 

Before we order, usually the waiter/waitress would be given us information about their products, include wine and cheese selection they have. We could order cheese only, or cheese flight (cheese and selected liquor or a la carte menu using dairy products. 

Cause it’s my first experience so we ordered 2 different menu to taste. I got wine flight (small size) consist of 4 assorted cheeses and 4 pairing of wine. It also come with herbs cracker (dont know what its name, but it’s cracker with thyme flavor). I’ll review cheese only from left to right, cause i cant differentiate wine taste lol my bad! Ok, so first is Queso Mahon (strong taste and have bitter after taste), second is Meredith Farm Chevre (it’s like goat cheese, i dont like it cause smell and taste horrible like a goat, i dont eat goat anyway), third is Brillat Savarin (i like it, it’s creamy, a bit milky and not too salty, it’s match with thyme crackers), fourth is BellaVitano Merlot (strong flavor but more like cheddar, i loved this too). 

While hubby had 3 cheese cheesemonger’s choice ($27). It came with quinces paste and assorted bread. Quinces paste is the one like orange brownie marmalade, taste sweet and bit sour. Review will be from left to right, but i’m sorry this time without the name cause i forgot lol. From the left, it’s blue cheese (i like the strongly flavor from the mold, yeah it’s fermented cheese by the way, i even take the rest home lol), next is stinky cheese (its taste really awful and very stinky, we didnt even eat it) and the last one taste like my BellaVitano Merlot. 

All cost include sparkling water cost us $53. Ciao!


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