Hungry Duck – Berry

For lunch we chose to try Hungry Duck, it only walking distance from Donut Van, situated on 85 Queen St, Berry, NSW. This resto served Japanese fusion food. Not plenty food offered, seems like their theme is less is more, from its interior to the menu.

Hubby ordered Dashi Poached Salmon with Soba Salad ($22). Poached salmon is beautiful, they cook perfectly. They also served it with Japanese shiso, it’s Japanese herbs and common use in Japanese culinary. 

Mine was Hungry Duck Ramen ($17), ramen was good even it’s not authentic ramen, but the top notch on this dish is the fried duck. It’s very succulent, juicy, crunchy and moist at the same time and well seasoned. Super love with the duck. Cause i know make a good duck is tricky, it would be rubbery if you use wrong technique. 

The two things what make us unhappy were first the service is very slow. Both food came after 1 hour. Even at that time resto almost close, only 3 tables occupied. Seem like they only had 1 chef on the kitchen. Second, plenty flies around and they look careless with it. All include one bottle of sparkling water cost us $50. Ciao!


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