Ziggy’s House of Nomms – Wollongong

I’ve been curious about this resto cause they arent on Zomato, but the interesting fact is everytime i passed it through, this resto always pack during lunch/dinner time. So the food must be good tho. Then i tried to google, and figured out that this resto is dimsum place. It’s very interesting since (so far i know) i never found dimsum eatery in Wollongong, yes there plenty Chinese Resto but have dimsum menu as side dish only not main dish. 

This small eatery have eye-catching interior, seems a bit pack of lots stuff inside but they can arrange it nicely. When we enter the entrace, we gonna greeted by seld made small fountain that i’m sure it self-made cause i never seen one like that before. And the tattoed Chinese girl behind cashier table also dressed up like pin-up girls.

We have some menu in here and all is dimsum. First is pork chives dumpling in schezuan sauce ($10.50). I’d prefer steam dumpling than dumpling soup, cause i got 10pcs dumpling rather than the soup one it is only 7-8pcs lol dumplings were good but not wowing me. I dont know why. 

Second i had pork prawn shumai ($7) – that one the top left corner (sorry i forgot to take zoom picture of it). It tasted good, i liked the umami flavor that came from it and the sesame oil fragrance either. 

Third i had McDumpling ($7), i reckon this is pretty unique and different from other dimsum eateries like Din Tai Fung etc. McDumpling is dumpling with McDonalds cheese burger flavor. It served with mustard and tomato sauce too. 

And last but not least was cheese spread toast for hubby ($5). It’s funny when you were at Chinese eatery but your husband order toast 😂

Sure i’ll come back for the shumai and other dimsum flavor.


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