Windjammers – Wollongong

They said Windjammers which located inside Novotel Wollongong is the best AYCE seafood restaurant, even not that cheap me and hubby went there for his birthday celebration. We had to make reservation first by website, cause the place always full especially on weekend. Actually we supposed to be there on Friday, April 24 and already made rsvp for 7pm but my hubby cant make it since he trapped 3,5hours traffic jam on the way home. So we rescheduled the date to Saturday, April 25.

When we were there place is pack of people, mostly they came for celebration. We could select for AYCE buffet or ala carte. The price is $55 (mon-thu), $75 (fri-sat) and $65 (sun) exclude another drinks/liquor (they only served mineral water, tea and coffee for free). 

Food come in wide selections, especially the seafood. You can choose salmon, crab, mussels, oysters, king prawns, balmain bugs (small lobster), octopus, calamary and so on. Some were raw but very fresh like oysters, some were cooked but not many taste good for my liking. Mussels with Thai sauce taste good, boiled crab and prawns so-so, grilled octopus was overcooked, salmon so-so i can cook better at home. 

They also served pickles (olive and red onions), salad, wide range of cheeses, soup, many options of bread and cured meats for appetizer. I just tasted red onions pickles (taste not bad), some cured meats (taste good, cold served and a bit salty), and miso soup (dont like it, the tofu must cooked together with the soup not deep fried it and served separately, and i taste something missing on the miso tho).

From hot food selection i just tasted sirloin steak with mushroom sauce (not good, sirloin so overcooked and taste sour), baked potato and asparagus (so-so), mini spring rolls (dont like, i’ve ever eaten tastier than this). 

Hubby was took lamb chop and baked veggies, he said taste wise. 

From dessert selection, they served many options of cakes, triffle, pavlova with strawberry jam, custard with dried mango, profiteroles, pies, pudding, fresh fruit and self-service soft ice cream. 

I just tasted triffle (so-so), pavlova (good), custard with dried mango (so-so), caramel cake (good, i like the gooey texture on the middle and not so sweet either), profiteroles (choux skin was too dry and not soft, dont like it). 

For additional drink me ordered peach bellini ($7) it was peach infused champagne, taste so fruity and a bit sweet. While my hubby ordered Jack cola ($8) coca cola blended with Jack D (but sorry i forgot to take the picture).

If we speaking about quantity, $75 is worth your money cause seafood in Aussie a bit expensive. You must pay about $15-$30 for a dozen of oysters, $15-$20 for a portion of salmon while in here with $75 you can eat as much as you want. But speaking of quality sorry i think they need some improvement cause not all the food taste good. Moreover this resto is located inside 4 stars hotel. Total cost we paid was almost $170 for two. 


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