Wagaya – Sydney

“Where to go for dinner this weekend?” That question always comin up to my head even we just start the week! Yeah, some friends called me “visioner” if it comes to food thingy. I always plan ahead what would i have for lunch or dinner today, tomorrow even week after lol

And Zomato always help me out so much to find new and interesting place to eat. This time we tried Wagaya, a Japanese resto which located in Shop 1, 78 Harbour Street, Chinatown, Sydney, not far from Paddys Market. I made rsvp before (through Zomato) cause this place always have long line up especially on weekend. 

I came at 5.30pm, 30 mins early and had seat in a cubicle with touch screen computerize system to order. It’s not my first time anyway to have experience like this, i have done before in Genki Sushi Jakarta. But it’s first time indeed to my hubby. Actually i prefer order system like this, cause we can see one by one without feeling rushed to get order done. 

And for dinner i had small size Beef Sukiyaki ($13.50) and rice ($3.50). If we order hot pot like this they will put small stove on your table and you can measure cook level on your own. I’d like to not cook the beef long time, so it still juicy. Broth was good, sweet and savory went well. Ask for chilli powder cause they not provide on your table. 

Hubby had Chicken Katsu Curry ($12.50), it came on big portion. Curry was mild and not too spicy, very enjoyable. 

We also had Assorted Tempura ($18) to share. I think it’s quite expensive, since it only consist of 2 prawns, 2 small chunks of squid, and the rest was veggies. Taste ok. 

All cost include 2 cokes and 1 iced green tea was $57. To save your budget just order tap water for free, but they will give you a half glass only. Dont know why…geez! 


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