Lee & Me – Wollongong

Hi readers! Been so long not updating my blog, sorry i’ve been busy (and lazy) lately, cause yeah so many distractions every time i want to review my eating experience. I’ll push myself to post at least once a month. 

To start, i’m going to review about a cafe which situated on 87 Crown St, Wollongong.  I heard this cafe still on under same management as His Boy Elroy (i’ve been review that place few months ago), and this place quite happening in Wollongong at least you wouldnt never seen it empty. 

Cause me and hubby would have big dinner to celebrate his birthday, so we just had light lunch (if i could say). I was ordered sweet potato fries ($10) for snacking. I found out it pretty interesting, cause potato fries is so mainstream lol it served with mayo, i liked the way they deep fried the sweet potato, it was combination between crunchy and soft. What was a bit annoyed me, they put pinch of salt on it which i think it doesnt needed, just let it be sweet rather than make it savory. 

Hubby had Eggs on Your Way ($11), it was eggs cooked on your way (hubby requested poached eggs), on bed of selected bread on your own (hubby chose sourdough), a bit salad and tomato chutney. The interesting part is the waiter (blonde girl) let us know how the technique to make good cafe style poached eggs. 

For drinks we ordered cappuccino ($3.5) and banana smoothie ($7) for hubby, yes he ordered two drinks! 

While me had Windsurfer ($6), it said ice coffee with sweetened milk which i already imagined it would be like Vietnamese dripping coffee but i was wrong. It’s like watery coffee with watery (not so sweetened) milk ๐Ÿ˜” dissapointed ๐Ÿ˜”

This is place to go if you’re looking nice breakie or just chit chat over coffee. Their interior also nice, it would seen like small cafe from upfront but it’s actually big (they have dine area on the back). 


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