Outback Jack’s – Wollongong

Speaking of ribs most Australians must refer to Outback Steakhouse or Hurricane, but sometime we just want to try another resto to compare plus and minus. Since i never tried Hurricane, i’d try to compare with the famous Outback Steakhouse (they even have branches on my country, Indonesia). 

This newly open steakhouse is located on Wollongong Central mall, in the middle between Max Brenner and Kinn Thai. It would be easy if you reach this place from Keira Street cause their entrace door face off the street. All i knew they just established within 4-5 months. Their interior is neat and modern and have large dine in area. Probably their target market is for family gathering or social function.

As usual if me and hubby went to steakhouse like this, we used to order combo package. Why? Cause we can get varieties of meat with affordable price. Lol! So we ordered combo steak&ribs for $39.95 include some chips and salad.  For me, steak too dry yes that was my hubby request to have well done but it’s really dry. Ribs ok but not wowing me, they dont put plenty sauce like other steakhouses, additional sauce will be given at cost. Coleslaw is plain, apparently they not put much dressing.

For ribs better i’d go for Outback. Anyway the plus about this steakhouse is they sell crocodile steak and skewers, which it’s way unique since none (at least so far i went to steakhouse) sell this meat. Probably i’m gonna try next time. Ciao! 


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