PappaRich – Parramata

Food is one of the huge issue of Asians who lived in western country. Moreover not all restos have authentic taste like it should be. Where you are in Australia, and want have some Melayu dish you never go wrong to step your feet here! PappaRich is Malaysian chain resto which has many branches all over Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Last week i had my lunch on their Westfield Parramata branch. It’s not located exactly inside the mall, just go outside the mall and walk down to Argyle street. It situated up front of Parramata train station. 
When i was there it’s almost 3pm but resto still packed, mostly the patrons are Asians. Probably because this place always packed, so the order system also quite different. There will be some papers with food list and some pencils, we have to list what we order just by using code on the menu. Then pushed the button which always be on every table, waiter will come and pick your order. 

Cause me and hubby would like to go for dinner at 6 on the other resto so we just had quick and light meals. Hubby ordered Pappa French Toast with Butter ($7.90). It taste like any other french toast, but what make it different probably because they using big loaf bread which you can always find on kopitiam. 

I was ordered two kind of breads. One was Hainan toasted bread with butter and kaya ($5.50) and Garlic naan and curry ($7.90). Toasted bread with kaya was good but i dont know why i’d prefer kaya toast on Ya Kun Kaya Toast chain in Jakarta rather than here, it felt like the kaya jam less its fragrance and only tasted sweet. 

Garlic naan and curry taste much better. I like the crisp naan went well with rich curry flavor. Basically Malaysian curry has similar taste like Indonesian curry so it’s safe for those who cant eat strong curry like Indian style. 

For drinks we ordered, Iced Pappa Mocha ($4.90) for hubby and Iced Teh C Special ($4.90) for me. I dont know what make my teh c special compare with regular one cause it tastes same. But when it comes to kopitiam i always go with teh tarik. 

So if you’re looking halal food and remind you with Asian home cooking food, PappaRich is best answer. Ciao! 



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