Chester White Cured Diner – Sydney

One bucket list checked! Been so long i was curious with this resto which located in 3 Orwell Street, Potts Point Sydney after watched a video on my friend’s sister’s instagram about pasta which swirled on giant bowl pecorino cheese. So last week, me and hubby paid a visit to give it try. 

I was a bit surprised since this resto not as big as i imagined, it’s small maybe just for 15-20 patrons. And our mistaken was we didnt make any reservation in advance so we had to wait almost 1 hour. 

As it is small resto they dont serve lots menu either, it’s only several Italian food and their speciality on cured meats. But it doesnt matter as i’m just focus on pasta on big giant cheese *wink* And according to my observation that pasta is one of favorite menu here since several tables have it. 

So this is it! Truffle Cacio e Pepe ($22), so it was pasta with garlic, olive oil, black pepper, chives, parsley and permesan cheese all mixed together on giant pecorino cheese bowl. Actually it’s simple dish with simple spices i even can make it at home, but the bomb is pecorino, make it tastier. It’s so cheesy. 

My hubby was ordered Organic Lamb Shoulder ($19) and additional bread (forgot the price). He said lamb was yum either. 

All include sparkling water cost us around $52. I was very satisfied, cause what we got is what we expected. Ciao!


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