Spanish Doughnut – Parramata

It gonna be short review since i was here long time ago and forgot about the details and price. I found this sweettooth counter in Westfield Parramata (outside foodcourt area, forgot which level). 

I was interested because it’s quite unique, if churros (Spanish doughnut) commonly serve with dipping sauce (dark choco or caramel) but in here they make churros with filling and/or topping. The short and bulky one use to churros with filling while the thin and long one is churros with any kind of toppings. It has lots of varieties.

I bought churros with topping, one choco and one cookies and cream which cost me $2.95 each. I dont know is it because the curros was dipped on topping sauce or not but i dont like the texture, it’s a bit gooey and hard. I dont have idea if churros with filling has same texture like it is or not. 

But if anyone ask me to choose which one i like, i’d go regular churros with dipping sauce. At least the texture not as hard as that. Ciao! 


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