Illnara Korean BBQ – Wollongong

Hola! I’m back at Straya and as usual when here the reviews will be in English. First review is one of (or probably one and only) Korean Restaurant in Wollongong. I never found Korean resto during my stay in here unlike Japanese or any other Asian restos. Illnara itself located in 159 Crown Street, Wollongong not far from Wollongong Central. 

This newly open provide BBQ Korean, any kind of noodles (such Jajangmyeon or Ramyeun) and also Chic-Mac (it’s typically Korean fried chicken for beer companion). They also serve banchan at no cost and refillable.

Cause me and hubby looking for lunch so we decide to order B Package Korean BBQ which cost us $53 and this package consist of pork ribs, pork belly and marinated pork steak. These stuff came with a bucket of green stuff and 2 bowls of rice for companion. Like in other Korean BBQ resto we can grill our meats by ourselves as on tables they provide grilling stove.

Overall the meats were good as we grilled our meats so we can measure how cook and juicy the meats we want. If i’m craving for Korean bbq at least i know where to go. Ciao! 


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