Food World Gourmet – Wollongong

On the next day we had dinner in one of busiest Chinese restaurant in town. Lucky us we dont need to wait in long list cause we came almost 9pm as this resto closed on 9.30. So we just had less than 1 hour to order and finish it. Food World Gourmet is situated on Wollongong CBD, on 148 Keira street to be exact, accross my favorite Asian groceries. If you come from Fairy Meadow it’s before the mall. 

They have lots (i mean it “lots”) of varieties of meals, it’s about 78 menus to be exact. Mostly are Chinese (of course). It would make you confuse to pick one moreover if you come here with empty stomach like me lol 

So for appetizer we picked Food World Gourmet Springrolls ($8.50) to share. Just like any other fried springrolls, it’s very savory. But still cant beat my fav Kinn Thai’s springrolls lol 

For mains, i had Wonton & BBQ Pork Noodles ($11.50) it came in large portion, i mean it. If yourself dont have big appetite like mine or you’re on diet this menu can be shared for two. By the way before i came here, i got some reviews that they have best wonton soup in town thats why I ordered one. So it was a wonton soup with selected noodles of yours (egg noodles or rice noodles, mine was egg noodles) and several bbq pork (char siu) slices. So it’s true, their wontons are best! It filled with shrimps,pork and hioko mushrooms. With tasty and savory clear broth. 

Hubby had Sweet & Sour Pork Rice ($11) i took one piece to taste, and it was good. It’s not soggy at all and i like the sauce because taste so balance between the sweet and the sour. 

All cost we paid including one coke and one mineral water were $40. Very affordable, no wonder their place never empty. To save the budget they serve a free teapot hot chinese tea. Will be back again for sure! 


So today 18/12/2016 we back again to this resto for lunch. We want something cheap but tasty to eat. 

I was ordered Wonton Noodles Soup ($11), it was the same soup like my first visit but without the bbq pork and i requested no veggies. I like veggies but some restos here not cook the veggies properly, so it sometimes still raw. I hate it 😔 As usual, wonton soup was really really good. Maybe i could eat everyday if possible 😏

And hubby had Combination Rice ($12), i thought combination rice is kinda like nasi rames (or economic rice) but here is different. It’s more like nasi capcay in Indonesia. Rice topped with capcay (assorted veggies, seafood,beef,chicken cooked in oyster sauce). 

All cost including one coke is about $25. Ciao! 


Yesterday was our 4th visit to this place, apparently this place been one of our favorite resto to eat. Unlike other Chinese restaurant which has blah taste, this one has better taste. 

So this time we ordered Fried Rice ($8,5-small size), Chicken Omelet ($11) and Soy Chicken & BBQ Pork ($13). Fried rice was really really good! I mean it. The rice not soggy, it has a bit hard texture or we called it in Indonesia as nasi pera, this kind of rice is really good for fried rice. And it seasoning well with salty savoury, just like Hongkong style fried rice which i like the most, and they also give generous prawns, ham, pork chasiu and lapcheong in one plate. Superb! Maybe next time i’m gonna order this dish only for myself. Fyi, this my hubby’s order and turn into mine later on 😝

My order was Soy Chicken & BBQ Pork which not really went well. Cause i thought it gonna be like soy chicken with dark brown skin and a bit sweet salty, but in fact it’s not well marinated and tasteless. Pork also not my piece of cake. And side dish was only boiled veggies without seasoning. 

Chicken omelet was okay, actually it was an omelet with shredded chicken, onion and baby corn. 

Beside those menu on the other day we ever had Spicy Mun Tofu Rice (taste okay), Singapore Noodles (really good with hint of curry) and Black Bean Beef (taste good). We’re gonna back for more on years ahead 😁


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