Super Chef BBQ – Sydney

I dont know why find good chinese resto in Wollongong is like to find a needle on haystacks. But it’s different when you were in Chinatown in Sydney. There lots of Chinese joints which offer good taste. One of them is this vendor on Market City foodcourt. How to find Market City is it’s just next to the famous Paddy’s Market. You could walk from Central Station not really far maybe it only takes 15mins. 

I chose this vendor cause their line, if you confused to choose food vendors pick the one which has long queu, means whether they have good food, cheap food or combination of two. 

My hubby ordered combination fried rice ($11), it came in big portion with generous lapcheong (chinese sausage) and prawns, taste good. It’s like Hongkong fried rice with no kecap manis. 

He also ordered Spring Rolls ($6) which consist of four small spring rolls 😂 In Indonesia we called small spring rolls as sumpia, and we eat it as snack and not side dish or even appetizer. 

And my order was BBQ Pork & Wonton with Dry Noodles ($12). It came with generous portion of noodles, bbq pork slices and five wontons. The pork was good, very tender and juicy. Wonton also good it filled with prawns and pork. All good. The only thing minus is they just provide chop big chilli and chilli oil instead hot chilli sambal like the one we have in Indonesia when we eat mie ayam. 




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