Indo Rasa – Sydney

Another Indonesian joint in Kingsford that i’ve been tried, located in 309 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney this place just accross Shalom Indonesian Restaurant. I was curious about this place cause i look on Zomato their price is really cheap (for myself compare with others). 

Kindly note this resto only open at lunch or dinner time. You can take a look on Zomato for the time. I suggested to come early, like when i was there around 5pm (they open 5.30pm on dinner), because this place easily packed of people, or more better come over on lunch time only since based on my experience their food already sold out on dinner time 😅

We ordered some dishes. Mine was Soto Betawi ($9.5) and rice ($2,5). My soto came on rich soup, thick coconut milk, generous meat and complete with emping (crackers). The soup has sweet hints more like soto medan rather than soto betawi (IMO). This dish was okay for me. 

For appetizer i ordered Pempek Lenjer ($6) which for me it’s not good, i dont like its texture and the cuko was too sweet for me. I still prefer Pempek Clovelly. 

My hubby ordered Gado-Gado ($9) as appetizer, gado-gado is Indonesian salad assorted veggies and poured with peanut sauce, use to serve with crackers. Gado-gado was okay, not really special for my tastebud. 

And Ayam Kalasan ($6.5) with rice ($2,5) for main dish, it came with lalapan (assorted raw veggies) and sambal terasi (balachan chilli paste). Ayam kalasan is deep fried marinated chicken in Javanese style. Oh fyi Indonesia has lots of varieties fried chicken to offer. I reckon they marinated the chooks overnight cause its meat so tender and taste very good. I could say this the best dish we order that night! 

They served self-service free flow hot tea if you dont want to order drinks. Ciao! 


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