Humber Bar – Wollongong

I was curious about this place since their official instagram account always liked my page, so i was managed to search on Zomato about this place. Seems like this resto is brand new one since i havent heard before even it take place just few steps next Wollongong Central. 

This 3 floors restaurant is situated on 226 Crowns Street, Wollongong. You can reach by bus or train followed by bus to go to this place. Just find out “H” signage like i attached above, then you’re on the right place. Since it’s newly open this place always packed but dont worry you can choose your table on 1st floor or 3rd floor (rooftop). If you wanna have table on rooftop i consider to come on evening to night since they dont have roof on the top so it might be so hot on the afternoon. So how about 2nd floor? Well, it’s a bar actually. When we were there last week at noon they not open the bar, it might be only open evening or even only on weekend. 

So what we order? Since they not offer wide varities of food (menu attached) and we’re in the mood for burger so we just order burgers. 

I had Fried Chicken Burger ($19) include their homemade fries. Chicken burger was good, i liked the crispiness yet juiciness of the chooks. And it’s big size anyway. You must try their homemade fries which called hero fries, it was really really good. They (maybe) added chicken powder, chilli powder and curry powder on it. I think i would go back again for their fries lol 

Hubby had cheeseburger($16.5) he said so-so, it’s more like Maccas burger lol. And he couldnt eat the fries tho cause it contains salt he must avoid. But that means i could eat his fries 😁

We spent almost $50 include 1 coke, 1 cappucino and 1 iced coffee. But it’s worth anyway. The place is good but some waiters a bit unfriendly. Ciao!


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