Eat Street Market Eps.3 – Wollongong

Howdy! Been so long not to touch my blog, as usual my lazy habit attacking me. Jeez! Okay, this time i’m gonna recap my last visit on Eat Street Market about umm..maybe 2-3 weeks ago. Eps. 1 and 2 has been posted before this post so you can check out. So here we go! 

# Vietyum

Seems like Vietnam food has biggest fan on this food festival, it proven by many street vendors who sells this kind of food. Vietyum is one of them. As i ever been tried Trang before (on their restaurant) so i managed to try something new which is this stall. They sell varities of spring rolls (either with paper rolls or fried spring rolls) and also other Viet food. 

I bought 2 kinds of spring rolls as appetizer. One with paper roll and one fried roll. My paper spring roll filled with prawns, lettuce, vermicelli and fried egg then served with onion watery broth for dipping sauce which taste a bit sweet. It’s good for diets tho cause it’s free fat and not oily. However i more like their fried springroll cause it’s more savory for me. It’s filled with vermicelli, mushroom and minced beef. 

# Mooby Valley 

This new vendor i guess because i never seen before. They offer steak sandwich which they claim it made from real beef not pressed beef (like beef patty). As this my hubby’s favorite dish so i bought one for him.

I bought Angus Steak Burger which cost me $13 but it’s worth the penny. We got a thick sliced of angus steak which covered with plenty bbq sauce. Hubby said it was good even better than any burger vendors there. 

# Ola Lola 

Been curious about this vendor after saw them on @Eatstreetmarket instagram and listed as one of tastiest food. So i decided to try even i’m not really into Paella. I’ve been eaten before one of Spanish resto in Jakarta, but dont like its taste even the chef is native Spanish. But it just not into me. 

Afraid to try will lead you nowhere, so i bought one portion of Paella which cost me $12. I like it, they had aldente paella with savory hint and also plenty of chooks chunks and prawns. But my biggest mistake was i added a lot i-dont-know-what-sauce is that which taste very very tangy. I even couldnt eat the rest paella which already mixed up with the sauce. Lesson learnt: do not ever put a lot sauce on your food if you dont have idea what sauce is that 😑

# Chichis Churros

For dessert i bought Churros with Ice Cream which cost me $5.5. They claimed their churros is French style churros which i didnt know what does it mean, as i know churros is Spanish/Mexican things. We could choose single or double churros, and two kinds of sauce (caramel or chocolate) actually for adding some sauce we should paid additional $1 but the guy gave me for free 😁

I loved the churros very much, its texture kind a bit chewy inside but crusty outside. It’s quite different than any other churros i’ve eaten before which either texture and taste more like a donut with long shape. Like any other churros it also poured with sugar and cinnamon to strength the flavor. Super ❤️ …i’m gonna buy more churros next time 😌

# Raw Organic

Last but not least i bought raw cake home. I always curios about raw cake since been stalking one of vegan girl on instagram. Curios about its taste. Fortunately i found this booth on Eat Street. They sell organic raw cake that good for vegans, diets or gluten and lactose intolerants. They not added sugar and just made the cakes from natural ingredients. 

Since this my first time to try i just bought one cake for tester. It’s blueberry lemon cake ($10). It tastes so good, its texture so moussy and not too sweet, with strong coconut flavor cause they added coconut flakes on it. It’s good to eat it cold, so you must keep on fridge before. If you wanna know more their products you can follow their instagram @rawobsession #thispostnotendorsment 

Ok see ya on the next episode of Eat Street Market. I’m gonna try to come this event only if the weather is good cause it’s been two rainy days lately in Wollongong. Ciao! 


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