Dagwood Kitchen & Bar – Wollongong

Had lunch on this cafe because we’re getting bored of having lunch on Wollongong CBD area, so we drive a bit far but still in Wollongong and found this cafe which took place on the corner of 19 Market Street, Wollongong. Usually on weekend (friday or saturday night) this place is packed so we need to make reservation first. But a week ago we came on lunch time around 12pm and the place half empty, maybe we’re their first customer that time.

Like it’s name Dagwood Kitchen & Bar, this place also serve liquors. And from my observation, mostly people came here for drink. Only few people came for food including us. Thats why they dont serve heavy meals only buns, tacos and light meals. For their menu you can check their website: http://www.dagwoodbk.com/

Because we’re not really hungry so we order two menus to share. 3 Sliders for $15 (consist of american style cheese burger, southern fried chicken burger and pull pork and pineapple burger) and southern fried chicken wings ($10). 

Okay let me review one by one. Actually i just eaten 1 slider which was southern fried chicken burger and the rest was hubby’s. My chicken burger was good, the chook was crunchy and savory, and the slaw freshen and strength its taste. Hubby said rest of them were good too. 

And southern chicken wings for me nothing special, it was just like fried chooks on fastfood chain. And it’s tasteless anyway 😔

All include one cappucino and one coke we paid less than $40. 



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