Kinn Thai – Wollongong

Hi i’m back! Now i kindly review about another Thai resto in Wollongong, Kinn Thai which situated in Wollongong Mall (next to Sushi Bay), it would be easier if you reach this place from Keira street rather than from inside the mall since their entrance door just next Wollongong bus stop. 

I was here for anniversary dinner. The place a bit fancy but you can dress up casually, reservation is needed cause this place always packed. Lucky us, we had table easily cause we came before dinner time around 5pm. It also licensed restaurant, means they sell any kind of liquors and wine legally. 

First, we ordered Crab Springrolls ($7) for appetizer. I must admit it’s the best Thai/Vietnam springrolls i’ve ever had so far, i liked the crunchiness cause it’s different than any other springrolls which made from supermarket-stuff springroll sheets, it’s like they made it from scratch. With lots of savory crab chunks filling, it really match with the sticky sweet&sour sauce they put on the plate. We even order this dish twice 😝

For main course, we ordered 2 bowl of rice ($3 each), Sizzling Beef ($23) and 3 Flavours Barramundi ($25) to share. Sizzling beef is okay, i liked it cause it’s a bit spicy with a bunch of bell peppers and chilli. Beef cooked well. 

3 Flavours barramundi more like sweet and sour fish for me. I expected it would be 3 flavours literally πŸ˜” but it’s okay, the its taste still acceptable and big portion tho. 

Total cost including 1 bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water ($7.5) and 1 glass of Rose Wine ($7.5) about $83. A bit expensive but their food is superb.



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