Coco Cubano – Wollongong

Because my kitchen is closed every weekend so question that frequently ask is, where to go for lunch/dinner? Getting bored of having Thai/Vietnam/Chinese cuisine or western food lead us to this resto which claimed offer Cuban cuisine. We quite curious about that, so we managed to try it. 

Located on Wollongong Mall (again) this resto is accross their competitor Gusman Y Gomez (i’ll try next time). But according to interior and ambience, i reckon this resto two times better than their competitor. Its interior is mix between tropical Cuba with colourfull walls and vintage deco. 

Once we opened the menu, it looks familiar. The menu mostly having Spanish or Mexican influence. We can find burrito, taco, and other Mexican things here. 

So hubby ordered El Cubano ($17.90) it’s a sandwich with ham, pulled pork, cheese, chipotle mayo, mustard and pickle with selected side dish, fries or salad. Hubby said it’s best choice cause it’s very tasty. I also eaten almost a half of his sandwich, and i like it more than my order 😔

My ordered was Beef Burrito ($12.5) and extra chips ($2.5). It might be more tasty if they put some seasoning on beef. It’s totally plain, otherwise they put lots of salt on the fries 😔 

Total cost include 2 cokes ($3.9 each) is about $40.7. Note: nothing free in here even they charge $3.9 for mineral water, so for same amount of money i suggest you to order juice or soft drink. They also have licensed to sell liquors and wine. There also have lunch special and happy hour promo for drinks. For further information you can click their website . Ciao!


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