Trang Vietnamese Restaurant – Wollongong

My curiosity sent me to this place since i never seen this place empty either at lunch or dinner time. So once upon a time, I managed to have lunch in this restaurant which located in Keira Street, Wollongong (next to Mochi Dining that i’ve been reviewed before). Arrived after lunch time almost 2pm, this place a half empty only some tables occupied. They have two large rooms to accomodate lots of people, on the right and left side. 

They offer wide varian of Vietnam dishes, not only pho or spring rolls, but also some traditional Vietnam dishes that i’ve ever eaten before on their country long time ago. One of them is Cha Ko To or Caramelized Fish ($15). And that’s become my order then. The reason is simply because i ever eaten one in Ho Chi Minh, and it was very tasty. My order is include rice so dont need to order another one. 

About 20 mins my food is served. And i was a bit shocked as it wasnt like the one i ever had. It more look like fish soup with lots of veggies 😅 the original cha ko to is braised in claypot with sweet soy sauce (kecap manis), garlic and dried chilli until they caramelized. Similar with Malaysian bakut teh (but a bit different cause bakut teh using many Chinese herbs on it). How about the taste? Well, it’s sweet, literally cause i didnt taste anything else but sweet. Still, i was dissapointed cause for myself it’s not cha ko to, it’s a fish soup 😅

Maybe i just take the wrong order. Next time i’m gonna try their best seller pho or noodle salad. If you want save budget, they have self-service lemon infused water. You can refill as much as you want.  Staffs are friendly. The only thing annoy me so much is too many flies inside, just wonder how they come in. Ciao! 


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