Bungalow 8 – Sydney

Last weekend me and hubby had a day out in Sydney. As my hubby isnt food entusiast like myself, so he let me to choose which restos we would try. Actually I have a long list resto to try, but unfortunately we just have 10 hours in city then should go back home to Wollongong. So for lunch we picked random restos in Barangaroo. Barangaroo itself is an area close to the famous Darling Harbour. You can reach this place by hop on hop off bus from Central station, public bus (but sorry i dont know which number is) or taxi. Car is okay but the parking area a bit far from here, so you need to walk about 10 mins. This area surrounded by hippiest restos, cafes, coffe shops and stores. And always packed by Sydney-siders and socialita especially on the weekends.

We picked Bungalow 8 which located in 3 Lime Street, Barangaroo, right in front of the Wharf. The ambience more looks like tropical bar in Hawaii or somewhere in Ocean Pacific islands. And mostly people come here (according to my observation) for drinking with their buddies and chit chat along the day. Thats why this place dont serve a lots varieties of main course. They just serve tapas and light meals for snacking. 

This is my hubby’s order, Island Cesar Salad ($20.50). The perks of having kaukasian spouse is they dont eat much like Indonesians πŸ˜‚ Proteins and veggies in one plate is more than enough for them. They dont need nasi padang, nasi goreng or nasi tumpeng to make their tummy full πŸ˜‚ Hubby said salad is yum even the crutons a bit hard and burnt. 

Then order Tiki Tacos ($15 for 3) for myself, and Crab&Spinach Dimsim ($14) to share. I’ll review the tacos first. So my tacos consist of pecking duck taco, bbq pork taco and corn taco. 2 of them were good. Regarding to its taste i prefer pecking duck taco, it’s like fusion east met west as ist best. The duck meat is very tender and cooked in hoisin sauce. Yet pork BBQ also good cause they also insert pork crackling on it so it’s makes the texture a bit crunchy. I dont like corn taco, cause it’s just plain grilled corn and tomato salsa wrapped in taco nothing special. 

Crab&Spinach Dimsim is very enjoyable. I was a bit underestimate before this dish came to our table. I think it would be like regular frozen dimsim as this resto isnt dumpling specialist. But i was wrong, i reckon this is the best dish we had in this resto! It tasted like homemade dimsim, with lots of crab chunks on it. Love it!

This lunch cost us $50 (including GST $4,48). Just like any restos here, they serve jugs of water for free to save the budget πŸ˜‰ ciao!


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