Bourke Street Bakery – Sydney

Still in the same area, after lunch finished we look for coffee shop around before heading off to parking lot. It’s like a habit when we going out at least we try one coffee shop, as my hubby is a coffee freak. Actually i was curious with coffee shop next to Bourke Bakery but that time the place is packed, maybe i should try next time. Bourke Street Bakery itself is located in Shop 4, 23 Barangaroo Avenue (across The Canteen). 

Like its name they sells wide varieties of breads, pastries and cakes, and also hot&ice beverages for companion. 

Because we dont have enough time to sit and relax, so we bought iced coffee in a bottle ($4.5 each). They also sell iced chai, iced chocolate, iced lemonade and juice in the bottle, same price. Very simple, just grab and go. Coffee was superb, it came in strong flavor and not too sweet. They using raw sugar so it’s good for diets and diabetics. Ciao!


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